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Synvisc Review

User Rating 3.5 out of 5
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would IOctober 04, 2012 By Darrenst
had surgery on the knee, Dr said i would walk with out difficulties afterwards. Wrong, wrong, came out with a need for a knee replacement. Way to young 48, so GP suggested synvisc. Initial fee was $325 and had great success for about a yr and a bit. Second injection $450 and again great success for about 2 yrs max. Highly recommend it for anybody prior and after surgery??? Why before? because surgery is not the answer... It worked for me, but the cost continues to rise as demand goes up. Welcome to capitalism... Bottom line, I would recommend it, like cortisone if it works use it.
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Synvdisk may work once, But problems w/second!February 09, 2012 By mailbev
I had an auto accident and had to have ortho surgery. Most of meniscus was removed from one knee. I elected to try the 3 week (1 per week) synvdisk injections.) Great success for over a year with minimal pain. Returned to same ortho surgeon & after X-rays, looked like another series of injections would work fine. First of the scheduled 3, didn't relieve pain & knee actually hurt in another area not normally sore. After one week, had 2nd injection. BIG MISTAKE! Knee swollen three times it's size and unbearable pain. Had to take pain meds till some swelling went down. Now, can't bend knee hardly at all. Walking still painful after 3 weeks. Obviously, we decided against 3rd injection. Don't know what to do next. Way too young for knee replacement; but don't know what an alternative may be just to get the knee back to how it was prior to the second mistaken series. Dr says it was a bad rejection of the injectable synvdisk & it is pretty common. WISH, I'd known how bad the reaction could be. I'd of never had another injection!! BEWARE! You might handle one series fine, then go through what I've had to endure!
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severe allergic reaction to SynviscDecember 11, 2011 By charp920
I had the three series of injections of Synvisc starting in late August 2011. The first caused some pain but with ice I was better. The second produced longer pain and some swelling that took a few days to abate. Then the third caused my knee to blow up. I had to have over 60 cc's drained. My OS, a nationally known Dr who has worked with thousands of athletes, etc, said he had not seen this type of reaction ever. I'm not allergic to the item checklist. My point is this is not a medicine that is perfect. It's far from that. I had my third scope 8 weeks ago and now am facing total knee replacement soon. Don't wait to call your Dr. if you experience adverse reactions.
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SynviscFebruary 23, 2011 By shdenney
In June 2008 my right knee was very painful. Thirty years ago my knee was scoped and some cartilage removed. Now the doctor tells me the cartilage is gone, causing pain. He thought the only solution was complete knee replacement. I did not have time to have it done at that time. A friend of mine had told me that she received Synvisc shots that were very helpful to her. My doctor insisted that my knee was too bad for that treatment. However, he agreed to let me try it. I had three shots, one week apart. It took 3 or 4 weeks, but the results were very good and it lasted for two years. After 24 months I was feeling some discomfort, so I returned to the same doctor and he injected both knees with Synvisc1. It seems to have worked well and after 8 months I am still pain free. I am not sure one shot every six months is quite as comfortable as when I received three consecutive shots. I do not run or jog for exercise anymore, instead I use a machine called ""Cardioglide"" which is like a rowing machine and is low-impact on the knees while giving the rest of my body and heart good exercise. I hope to continue to use Synvisc and hope to never have to have knee replacement. I also have an aunt, age 91, who received relief in 2010 from having three shots of Synvisc in one knee.
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SynviscNovember 25, 2010 By Merile
Ok, so two days ago I received the ONE injection. I've had the series of three several times and I am a big believer that they do work. I am not ready for a knee replacement. I am too young and active . . . and do not have the time for rehabilitation if I were to have a knee replacement. It is a very invasive procedure and my suggestion is to put it off as long as possible. That being said, I went ahead and had the ONE (which comes in a very big syringe.) The day of the procedure I was a little apprehensive but looked forward to eliminating the knee ""locking up"" and subsequent pain. The day of the procedure I was nervous but happy to get it over with. Honestly, the day of the ONE injection and after the initial numbing, I was feeling great. I felt like I could run a marathon. The next two days were a bit different. I am swollen but icing it . . . but it hurts and I am having trouble walking. Today is Thanksgiving and I have a red rash all around the knee area. I am certainly not going to bother my doctor unless the redness starts to travel. Luckily I am not cooking today so I can relax. Stay tuned. I have dogs that need walking.
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September 15, 2010 By rnorthrn
In Dec 2009 I received the series of synvisc injections. I was very pleased with the outcome as I had very little knee pain for several months. I am 35 and too young for a knee replacement so I attempted the series again in June of 2010 when I began having pain. After the first injection I had a large amount of pain and my knee was swollen. I reluctantly went in for my orthopod to inject the knee with the 2nd injection. Again the following day I had a large amount of pain and the knee was very swollen. I called my doctor and went in to make sure the joint was not infected. The pain I experienced was the worst pain I had ever felt. Even worse than the arthritic pain. The knee was not infected. My doctor told me that she may need to give me a cortisone injection to relieve the inflammation caused from the synvisc. I did not receive the third injection for fear that I would experience the pain again. My doctor told me I would never be able to receive synvisc again. I work in surgery and have the privledge of working with several orthopedic MDs. One of the doctors that I visited with said that my reaction to the series in June is not uncommon. He said that many people can tolerate synvisc only one time. After that they have problems. His recommendation was to use another brand called hyalgan He stated that I may have much better results with that form of injection.
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Gotta love the rooster !!!August 02, 2010 By FixMeNow99
I found out 6 years ago that I had severe arthritis in my right knee when it would not stop hurting, and the pain became worse daily. Until I moved to California, doctors in other states were reluctant to treat me with the Synvisc. Now I'm seeing a doctor in Tulare, California, who's first suggestion was to use Synvisc, and I could only be happier if I had two new knees ! Until I reach the age that I really can't do anything any way, and knee replacement is the only option, this will have to be the line of treatment. It does work, and am very close to pain free for 30-60 days at a time. I would highly reccommend the Synvisc to anyone with arthritis pain for any of pain management. ( If I was rich or famous, the doctors would give me two new knees today !!!)
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Synvisc injectionsApril 18, 2010 By pioneerwoman2000
I had a series of synvisc injections approxiamtely 3 years ago with tremendous success. The doctor I went to is an exceptional doctor. One thing he mentioned is how critical it is that they hit the right spot. How he knows is how painful the injection is. if it is painful it is not in the rifht spot. recently i returned but was unable to have the doctor perform the injections instead had the PA. He said it is his practice to freeze the skin before doing the injections. I wondered whether I would be able to let him know it they painful and therefore not in the right spot. but i let it go. injections 1 and 2 were fine. I went back for the third. I told him it was very painful but not unbearable like when the dr hit the wrong spot because the leg was numbed. Now here I am with my knee swollen twice its size, unbelieavalby painful and I can not bend it. from this i have concluded the skill of the person doing the injections is critical and if there is any pain they are in the wrong spot and you will have problems
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synvisc userDecember 08, 2009 By gokneego
I have been getting 3 shots about 6 months apart 3 times so far with great results. The time it takes is about 4 weeks to be painfree and then i'm able to play doubles tennis on clay. No pain at all during or after shot. After 5 more months the knee pain returns. So far so good with the shots. I've been active all my life til tennis injury to ACL, miniscus and bone in 2006. ACL replaced(used tendon), miniscus cleanup, PT, all lead to shots as too young for new knee, mid -40s now, avg. weight. Hoping this process lasts for years and the price comes down, about $1500 in NYC for 3 shots over 3 weeks--at least i can walk, do stairs, elliptical is great, and keep up w/kids.
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When to stop getting SynviscJune 29, 2009 By VAPatient
I am a very active female who has had 2 surgeries for torn meniscus both medial & lateral tears. The steriod shots do nothing for me. My doctor told me about synvisc and how it helps some people but not others. It did nothing for him. I have had 3 series of 3 injections all with great luck. I am a very competive person and the shots have worked great for a year and maybe longer but we went ahead and did them after a year. Last Monday I had the 2nd shot in my 4th series and had a bad reaction to it. My Dr and I decided not to get the 3rd one today and that this would be my last time using synvisc. My knee blew up so big I had to get fluid takin out on Wed. He couldn't get all out do to the pain. My WBC went to 29,000 which was really high. I couldn't bend it or walk on it. I had to miss work. The shots right from the beginning hurt like nothing else. They were extremely painfull the first day and then usually better after that except for this time. Please repeat users ask your Doctors about this.
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SynviscJune 27, 2009 By patriciagr
Been getting Synvsic 3 in the Left knee since 10/2006. Usually great results. The last one, 12-17-08 gave out in 4-09. I believe my new problem of plantar fasciitis in Rt. foot caused most-all my weight on the L leg. I'd usually put more or equal weight on the R leg; saving some of the strain on the injected left knee. Worked great with some variation in duration of effectiveness. *I also took physical therapy. Walked, w an average pace, for 40- 70+minutes per week. My weight is average, not overweight.
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