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Kickball Injury

Share Your Story: How I Tore My ACL

By Shajay223

Updated August 29, 2012

How I Tore My ACL

During my 3rd year of playing organized Kickball, I not only tore my ACL but my MCL too. I was playing 1st base and ran to catch a foul ball and slipped. My left leg slipped from under me and my right leg baced inward.

What Happened?

I had no idea what was happening, I actually thought my knee was broken. My left leg slipped from under me and my right leg turned inward. It felt like my knee "popped" out of socket and with a slight turn "popped" back into place. Severe pain is an understatement!!! I had to be carried away by ambulance to the ER.

Lessons Learned

  • The only thing I could have done to prevent my ACL tear was to not go after that ball and slip. This injury just happend 2 weeks ago, so I'm about to undergo physical therapy in less than a week. I do feel better but my knee still feels "wobbley" and sudden turns remind me that I have a real injury. I'm still wearing my brace and according to the doctors, I can look forward to 6-8 weeks of recovery, but others say look for a much longer recovery time. Guess I have to hang my cleats up!

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