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Sledding Accident Caused ACL Tear

Share Your Story: How I Tore My ACL

By kayeluv

Updated February 02, 2011

How I Tore My ACL

I thought I was young to do it again so I went sledding. It ended with a torn ligament... My eighteen year-old and I decided we were next in line for the sled. That passionate moment of anticipation,the adrenaline rush came over me, and we were off. To avoid a collision with some much younger kids, I told my daughter to go left she went right--we didn't see the hole ahead of us. At high speed we were thrown off the sled. I went face down, hit my stomach ,my face and landed on my knee. I experienced excruciating pain that left me no choice but to think my knee was broken.

What Happened?

I did not know it was torn. When the ambulance came I went to the emergency room, an x-ray was done but nothing showed up broken. The doctor thought I had a sprained foot. The pain lasted for the night, and as I was coming home from the hospital my knee gave out on me. The next day I went for a second opinion at a different hospital, but nothing showed on their x-ray either. After a follow up with my PCP, she sent me for a MRI, that's when the answer came. A torn ACL.

Lessons Learned

  • I am not as young as I thought I was
  • I would never sled again, I'll leave that to the younger kids
  • Make sure the sled is safe enough to carry you
  • Do not sled at night
  • Watch out for holes

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