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Stronger After Injury

Share Your Story: How I Tore My ACL

By Jael Funte

Updated January 07, 2011

How I Tore My ACL

I am 15 years old sophomore, and my position is left full back.

We had not even had a regular season game yet, and I was playing soccer in a pre-season girls varsity tournament.

What Happened?

I was going for the ball to get it away from an opponent, and then one of my teammates came from the left side to help me out and we all ended up in a pile. My knee felt weird but I got up and soon it started to feel better. Then a few minutes later an opponent zipped by me and I went to chase after her, I had caught her when all of the sudden my knee just gave out. That was sort of painful so I stayed down.

My coaches and a trainer came out and I walked off the field. The trainer said it could be ACL, but to talk to our trainer at our next practice.

So at the next practice I talked to our trainer and he said its probably a ligament sprain, so I sat out of that practice. Our trainer said that he wanted a second opinion though so he called his supervisor at a physical therapy place in town. So the next day I saw the PT who happened to also be a trainer too.

He thought it had to do with ligament things too, so he said to see an Orthopedic DR.

I made an appointment for that very same day. He did X-rays and said it was not anything bone related, but he wanted me to have an MRI. He put me in an immobilizer.

I had an MRI and an appointment a few days later he told me that I had torn my ACL completely, and partially tore my meniscus.

I was DEVASTATED. My Dr said that I should have surgery to be able to play soccer to the best of my ability. So that was the end of that season, before the first game for me.

I did 1 month of pre operation physical therapy, then had another appointment. At that one he scheduled the surgery for the next week.

The night before surgery I was a WREAK, but the surgery went well. I had a graft from my patella tendon. I also spent one night in the hospital. I was not in very much pain, my knee only ached from time to time.

I started therapy the day after I got home and have been doing it 3 times a week ever since. Its going really well and I get to start running soon.

At a Dr appointment recently I was told that I should be able to play spring soccer.

Even with an injury like this you CAN come back!

Lessons Learned

  • Although I don't know what I could have done to avoid this injury, I wish it never happened.
  • I am a stronger person because of it.
  • I also appreciate soccer so much more and don't take it for granted.
  • Work hard and you can accomplish things.
  • Trust your knee

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