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Reader Stories: I Wish I Knew Before Hip Replacement...


Updated January 04, 2010

Have you recently had a hip replacement? Hip replacement surgery is a major procedure, and there are many questions that you likely had going in to the procedure. But what about things you learned along the way that you wish you had known prior to your hip replacement. What knowledge would you share with someone who needs their hip replaced?

Should Have Gone Sooner?

I wasn't prepared for how fast it deteriorated. I struggled for another year. I had to go thru the proper channels to see him again and get in line for surgery. My blood was low. Surgery was put off …More

Exercise Helps the Rehab, Even After Months

Actually the surprises started about 6 months after the replacement. Immediately after the surgery I felt better, even while I was recuperating. I had pain but nowhere near what it was before the sur…More

Research Before Surgery

I did my research so knew what I was up against. You have to work hard, and just deal with what comes along. I was in the hospital for 6 days instead of the 3-4. Complications arise even when you are…More

Legs Didn't End Up Same Length

I was very will prepared for the surgery and recovery thanks to having come across the about.com series from Dr. Cluett. Any time I meet someone who is considering having a THA I recommend that they …More

Don't Wait!

I had surgery at the age of 28. I had a total hip replacement and femoral shortening osteotomy carried out in Guys hospital London in January 2009. It was to be my seventh surgical procedure after a …More

6 Months Before Pain Free

I thought the pain-free stage came quickly but found out most people still need the Vicodin to sleep even at 6months! I'm told the arthritis pain relief is immediate but the pain from healing takes a…More

Good Experience From About.com!

Thanks to About.com Orthopedics, the required pre-surgery education class at Lee Memorial Hospital, and especially the office visits with Dr. Humbert where he clearly explained and exemplified the en…More

Anterior Hip Replacement Worked Wonders

Weakness from loss of blood. I was a fit 48 at the time, and it surprised me. I was expected to be walking the next day, and it took a lot of effort.Also struggled with depression during those two mo…More

Tired Of Having People Ask Why I Limped

I was not prepared for the ease of the procedure. I expected the worst-no driving for 6 weeks, away from work for a month or two, grueling rehab. In fact, I walked with walker on Day 1, took a shower…More

Getting Back to Normal Activities, Without Pain

Prior to surgery, many activities extracted a heavy pain price. So to just begin believing after surgery that those same activities would not be painful, took time and healing. My pain was gone, but …More

Pain Medications Weren't Helping, Now No More Need!

How well things went and how many things I could do so shortly after. I can not lay on either side but considering I now have my life back this is a small matter. A few changes I had to make around t…More

Felt Better Immediately After Surgery

I was shocked that I was able to walk within hours of surgery. The pain meds helped me with any discomfort and was able to sleep soundly. My biggest surprise came about a week after my operation.The …More

There's More Than Just The Hip

1st strike - Had headache night before. Blood pressure was way too high so surgery postponed. 2nd Strike - Had skin irratation with broken skin. Surgery postponed until dermotoligist cleared me. 3rd …More

Consider Preoperative Blood Donation

I was not prepared for the loss of blood. I had to have 5 units of blood after hip replacement and was told prior to surgery no need to store my own blood because loss is minimal. Consequently, my he…More

PreOp Work Can Pay Off PostOp

I wish that PT had been able to do a muscle assessment prior to surgery. I had lived many years with restricted abilities and unable to do things like straighten my legs. Post surgery, PT had prescri…More

My Research Paid Off!

I did a lot of research before I had the surgery so I experienced very little that surprised me. I forced myself to workout before surgery using a stationary bike, lifting weights, and doing some ab …More

Know Your Rehab Plan

The limitations during the first 2 weeks of hospital and re-hab. Having to navigate in a wheelchair or walker while in rehab until I could walk with a cane. Having to keep your leg at a less than 90 …More

A Chance to Participate in Life Again!

Rehab was more time consuming and harder than I thought but I did it! I had minimal invasive surgery so it was easier than if I had the regular type of surgery.Over all, I felt 10 years younger than …More

Was Unexpectedly Told To Go Home

I knew there would be severe post-op pain, but I didn't realize that I wouldn't be able to move that leg at all for a few days. It felt as if it was leaded down or glued to the bed! And terribly pain…More

Remember, Replaced Hip Don't Last Forever

It's been 7 years since my bilateral THA and i still have chronic tendinitis and bursitis. Still have groin pain when walking and exercising. I get very frustrated when I try to keep up with my frien…More

Consider Pool Therapy

That first getting out of bed and the extreme pain. I also learned that getting up the first time I needed to put my glasses on. I wear contacts and with the drugs in my system I got very sick the fi…More

The Stronger You Are Going In...

I was not prepared for the rehab. It was intense, and I wish someone had told me BEFORE the surgery that I should work out more prior to the surgery. This would have helped in the post-op PT.The othe…More

Pain Medications Were Not The Answer - Surgery Was

Thanks to information I had gathered from About.com website and from the network of other Hip Op patients I have contacted I feel I was well prepared for my operations. I opted to stay awake with a s…More

Loved The Pain Relief

How much better I felt immediately after having my first bad hip replaced. Bruising surprised me but it lasted only a few weeks. Recovery was much longer in 2001 and 2002.Second surgery 13 months lat…More

Learn About Your Recovery

I was not prepared for my first therapy session in the hospital and not being able to move my leg at all. My brain told my leg to move but I was incapable of moving it on my own. I broke out in tears…More

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