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Reader Submissions: I Wish I Knew Before Knee Replacement...


Updated December 18, 2009

Have you recently had a knee replacement? Knee replacement surgery is a major procedure, and there are many questions that you likely had going in to the procedure. But what about things you learned along the way that you wish you had known prior to your knee replacement. What knowledge would you share with someone who needs their knee replaced?

What Can You Pass On?

Knee Replacements as an Outpatient

I was not prepared the intense pain that set in 24 hours post-op. The surgery pain management meds were great and I figured that I didn't really need any oral pain meds. Ha! After 24 hours, the surge…More

It Takes Time

The doctors did not warn me about anything. Psychologically, this was by far the most debilitating surgery of all five, even though I had to learn how to walk again after the first one. I live by mys…More

Sudden Need to Have Replacement

I was told I would be off for up to 3 months but because I was in great shape and active before I thought I would be back teaching after 3 weeks...I was wrong...I went back part time after 8 weeks an…More

Find A Doc Who Listens

The extreme pain especially in the hamstrings and the muscle spasms under the knee that wake me 7 to ten times a night, leaving me crying in pain. ---My orthopedic would barely believe me when I went…More

Can't Run, But Can Walk!

I have both new knees at 56. Stiffness is always there. I can't run climbing stairs is a chore and I try to avoid them at all costs. Climbing a ladder is like a mountain to me. I have gained a lot of…More

Felt Well-Prepared

I was prepared for a lot more post surgery pain than I had. I was not really prepared for loss of flexion after rehab but it is a reality that I can live with. I am experiencing what I think is feeli…More

Second Knee Harder

I had my left knee replaced and a lateral ligament release in June 2013. Although I researched the subject well before the op I was surprised at how difficult some things were. For example lifting th…More

Make Sure You and Your Surgeon Have Same Goals!

I didnt realize how difficult it would be to flex my knee. I assumed with a little work I'd be fine. Instead, I've been told I'm behind where I should be and need intensive PT 5 days a week and a hin…More

Don't Wait!

Nothing. Doctor and preoperation training at local hospital was excellent. Hip block is the preferred anestheticNot all therapist are fully committed to working, so you must understand and do the ful…More

Scar Tissue and Stiffness

The pain from the scar tissue. I had aggressive physical therapy after the manipulation every day for 10 days - very intense. I am a strong lady but did not expect the crying and screaming I did from…More

Everyone is a Little Different

My orthopedic surgeon did a great job at preparing me for what to expect during and after the procedure. However, during rehab, I found that my tight muscles were preventing me from bending my knee d…More

Up and Down Recovery

Not prepared for the ups and downs of recovery. One day I feel very good and the next day I feel like a train just ran over me. One day I can walk and do all my PT exercises without pain and the next…More

Infection is a Risk

Infection. The rate of infection is very low but if it happens it is devastating so it's worth thinking about. My 1st surgery seemed to be very successful. By day 14 (when staples were removed) I alr…More

Recovery Takes Time

Despite my research, I was not prepared for the pain required to stretch my muscles. I was not prepared for a reaction to the three different narcotics that were prescribed for pain. I had to discont…More

Had Both Knees in One Week

I wasn't really prepared for the trauma involved in having two knees done in the same week. Also, at the second surgery, the anasthesiologist administered the knee block before I was sedated and it w…More

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