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Reader Submissions: I Wish I Knew Before Knee Replacement...


Updated December 18, 2009

Have you recently had a knee replacement? Knee replacement surgery is a major procedure, and there are many questions that you likely had going in to the procedure. But what about things you learned along the way that you wish you had known prior to your knee replacement. What knowledge would you share with someone who needs their knee replaced?

Bilateral Knee Replacements

The surgery went very well. It was everything that happened after the surgery that I wasn't prepared for. I lost over 6 units of blood. The Dr. said they recycled some of it back into my system and I…More

Knee Replacements as an Outpatient

I was not prepared the intense pain that set in 24 hours post-op. The surgery pain management meds were great and I figured that I didn't really need any oral pain meds. Ha! After 24 hours, the surge…More

Up & At 'Em

I was very surprised, and unprepared, for how soon they got me out of bed. I knew they were going to get me up soon but I wasn't prepared for only 8-9 hours after the surgery! I also was pleasantly s…More

Partial Knee Replacement

Labile emotions post op. Between the discomfort (really not too bad) and me not progressing as fast as I thought I should, and being off of work and cooped up in my house, I ran the gamut of feeling …More

Wish I Had Done It Sooner!

I was not prepared for how smoothly it would go! I had heard so many horror stories that I was scared, from surgery and recovery. My doctor told me I would have pain like I never had. No. I was on ov…More

Slow Recovery

I knew that it was slow going along the road of recovery but older people than me seemed to recover quicker. My bend is about 130 and I lay my leg straight to about a 5 degree. The work to get my kne…More

Pain Meds Aren't The Answer

I let the second knee go for quite a while and started to live on narcotic pain killers (especially vicodin). Even though taking a pill relieved some pain and actually gave me a lift, they also threw…More

Gave Up Everything, Then Got It Done

Have numerous acquaintances who have had the surgery. Did quite a bit of reading on what to expect. My primary care MD's nurse had it done and she was a wealth of information. If anything I was not p…More

Longer Rehab Than Expected

When I had my right knee done, everything proceeded as expected. A year later I had the surgery done on my left knee and things did not go as well as expected. I was in rehab for three weeks, instead…More

Teacher Can't Teach

My doctor emphasized, "There will be pain," but that was an understatement. The pain during recovery is excruciating, and though pain meds reduce it to a bearable level at best, you must be ready to …More

Problem With Implant Delayed Recovery

My biggest "surprise" was the lack of range of motion and the ability to lift the leg enough to even walk up a flight of stairs. Pain was a major factor in the beginning but I didn't want to take nar…More

Difficulty With Pain Medicine

Reaction to the morphine and pain meds after surgery. Had hallucinations in the hospital. I was switched to Tramadol for pain relief when I was discharged, because it doesn't have the risk of bad sid…More

Ask Questions Before, During, and After!

Before the operation:I would have asked about allergic reactions because I have them to so many things but when asked what I am allergic to all I’d say is, “I am allergic to many things&#…More

Rehab Harder Than Expected

How extremely depressed and anxious I would be after surgery. Not being able to do what I used to do has been devastating. My surgeon said I would be laid up about "3-6 weeks". I am currently at 12 w…More

Surprised By Clicking Knee

Five weeks into a fabulous recovery, I noticed a very annoying clicking sound. I haven't discussed this with my surgeon (appt next week) but from my research it doesn't sound like this is going to go…More

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