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Be Ready For PT

Submit an Entry: I Wish I Knew Before Knee Replacement...

By Martha Milam

Updated June 24, 2012

What Made You Decide to Have Knee Replacement?

Pain walking, getting out of chair, and at night when turning or when the sheet hit it just right.

What Were You Not Prepared For?

The amount of pain and scar tissue. I'm just 17 days post surgery and the amount of scar tissue drives me crazy. Do the exercises hourly if you can and you will have good days and bad days. If you can do water therapy it really helps. Try to have the same therapists. Don't freak out when you have bad days.

Lessons Learned

  • Would have liked more information re amount of PT needed after wards. Reminder that it's major surgery and it takes work to get back. Be prepared to be bored at the four walls at home. After the first week you can start reading better after the adjustment of the pain pills. Invest in a pedal machine (pedals of a bike) Even just 5 minutes several times a day helps.

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