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Gave Up Everything, Then Got It Done

Submit an Entry: I Wish I Knew Before Knee Replacement...

By pegleg

Updated January 28, 2012

What Made You Decide to Have Knee Replacement?

Numerous surgeries on both knees over the past 30 years left me with bone on bone pain. Finally got to the point where the pain in one knee was never ending. Found myself creating all kinds of excuses for not wanting to do things. Essentially gave up golf and sailing. I was turning into an inanimate object.

What Were You Not Prepared For?

Have numerous acquaintances who have had the surgery. Did quite a bit of reading on what to expect. My primary care MD's nurse had it done and she was a wealth of information. If anything I was not prepared for the loss of appetite (a good thing). I had it done in the dead of winter. Could not get outside as much as I would have liked to walk due to ice and snow, Git a bit stir crazy.

Lessons Learned

  • first 24 hours after surgery can be a bit tough as the anesthesia wears off and the other pain meds are getting sorted out
  • rehab, rehab, rehab. I took it on as a religious quest. Everyone heals differently. At 3 weeks I was ahead of a guy in rehab whose surgery was 9 weeks old.
  • I should get the other knee done, especially before the surgeon retires. But even though mine was easy and rehab has not been all that bad, I just do not want to go through it all again.

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