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Slow Recovery

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Updated February 23, 2012

What Made You Decide to Have Knee Replacement?

I worried about my walking at every step and it was slowing me down at age 58. I began having trouble with my knees in my twenties and problems steadily progressed.

What Were You Not Prepared For?

I knew that it was slow going along the road of recovery but older people than me seemed to recover quicker. My bend is about 130 and I lay my leg straight to about a 5 degree. The work to get my knee at that point was a job!..I got a low bicycle and would peddle whenever I watched television. I also did the exercises from therapy as I was directed.

Lessons Learned

  • Patience, Patience, Patience..... and when I got tired and sick and tired I knew the knee would only be as good as I pushed to make it. One year and a half later I am still working to make this new knee as perfect as I can get it.

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