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Stiff Knee After Surgery

Submit an Entry: I Wish I Knew Before Knee Replacement...

By Carole

Updated October 12, 2010

What Made You Decide to Have Knee Replacement?

Pain; avascular necrosis

What Were You Not Prepared For?

I was not prepared to have a stiff knee forever afterward. Had my replacement in 2006 and even after a second surgery (partial revision and removal of huge amount of scar tissue), I still have severe arthrofibrosis. Despite long periods of physical therapy, I was not prepared to have the amount of scar tissue I have suffered. I never had surgery before so I did not know I was going to be plagued by this problem. I am unable to bend my knee enough to sit comfortably in the back seat of a car, in a theatre or on an airplane without extending my leg.

Lessons Learned

  • I don't know that I've learned anything from this experience except I pray that my other knee never needs replacement.

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