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Reader Stories: Tennis Didn't Cause My Tennis Elbow


Updated November 10, 2010

Tennis elbow is a common cause of elbow pain, but many people diagnosed with this condition have never picked up a tennis racquet in their life. Many activities can lead to an overuse condition of the tendons over the outside of the elbow. What was the activity that led to your tennis elbow?

What Activity Was It?

Welding Caused Tennis Elbow

Combined six years as a field technician using all hand tools no power tools generally. And just over a year of welding 8-10 hours a day five days a week.No acute trauma or hyper-extension of any kin…More

Tennis Elbow from Musical Instrument

I have been playing violin for about 13 years and I only began to begin feeling the repercussions as of the last few months. I'm sure this has built from numerous bad habits over the years. Originall…More

Repetitive Activity

I did this activity for 34 years with the later 10 years being the heaviest type of work. Many times I would need to rock the equipment back and forth using both arms and work in tight contorting pos…More

Work-Related Elbow Pain

I've been cleaning for 9 yrs. I really love my job, helping to create a healthy environment plus the fringe benefits with the job. Getting older and the constant moving of my supplies, constant use …More

Massage Therapy

I've been a massage therapist for 3 years and have been working 40 hour weeks for the past 5 months. I didnt get the tendinitis until recently. I woke up the next day after doing 6 hours worth of mas…More

Being a Caregiver

I've been lifting the wheelchair in and out for approx 3 years. I tended just to use my right arm to do this - hoisting it in one movement into the car. (I'm not entirely sure why the minimum charact…More

House Cleaning Before the Holidays

One day. I did a huge house cleaning before guests arrived for the holidays, and I decided to squeeze a sponge in hot water over and over with my left hand. I did this hundreds of times over 8 hours.…More

Gardening Caused Tennis Elbow

This garden maintenance session was an once-off activity, the session lasted about 3 hours.3 days after the first incident, an outing with the family, playing ten pin bowling for 2 rounds worsened th…More

Newspaper Delivery

I took on an extra job delivery papers once a week. After 2 years of throwing papers out my car window, my left elbow began to ache. It was not bad while I was throwing, but at night would wake me up…More

Playing a Musical Instrument

I have been playing for years but as I get older the pain in my elbow gets more noticeable. I just had a heavy season of playing in Christmas programs and the pain has really flared up. Funny thing i…More

Baseball Injury

I didnt play baseball at all but it was throwing the baseball that started the problem. But throwing a football i was doing it for years and never did I have a problem with my elbow. i also played te…More

iPhone Overuse?!?

I started getting pain in my shoulder, neck and arm. Been for x-rays, scans and everything. I don't play tennis or golf so the only thing I can figure is overuse of the I-phone. Going to a sports med…More

Work-Related Overuse

When the mild forearm pains got worse and my shoulder started to hurt, I went for medical treatment. I had been working for 10 months before this happened and it has now been a month since this all s…More

Pitching Mechanics

I've been playing fastpitch since I was little but the pain didn't start until I started getting more competitive probably when I was 10 or 11. The pain always went away during the off season but cam…More

Hitting Fielding Practice

My symptoms occurred immediately after I spent a couple hours hitting ground balls with a baseball bat to my son. I was tossing the balls up with my gloved left hand and swinging the bat with only my…More

Crocheting Injury

I am 65 and have always done a lot of handwork, housework and gardening so my hands are always busy. When the blanket project started I got busy. After a few weeks I could hardly move my left arm but…More

Using an Electric Sander

Just a couple of weeks, especially extended time for just a couple of days.The pain begun to become persistent three months later when I begun to play racket I didn't play for some years.I guess othe…More

Lifting Weights and Metal Detectors

I was only just starting with heavy weights- so a few weeks- and I stopped once it started to hurt, the digging continues...as I'm addicted to finding good stuff in the dirt! seriously I've cut back …More

Repetitive Lifting

I have been doing nightfill on-and-off for about 4 years. however I was doing it regularly and continuously for about 4 months before the symptoms developed. The pain was first very mild, and felt li…More

Powerwashing All Summer Long

5 months, 6 days a week, probably between 2 and 5 hours of actually washing houses daily, and probably doing 35% to 40% of the actual power washing, maybe 20 to 40 minutes at a turn (I did other work…More

Started With Injury, Led to Chronic Pain

It was a sudden injury that had not happened before in 10 seasons behind the plate. I'm in my early 60s.I have had cortisone injections..the first one was very effective for about 3 months, the 2nd a…More

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