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Readers Respond: Fun Ideas For Cast Decoration

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Updated May 29, 2009

Sticker Packs

I bought a sticker pack from backountry and put them on my leg cast
—Guest yoyoyoyoyoh

Fabric tape!

I first tried decorating with colored electrical tape, but it doesn't stick that well. So I next tried fabric/cloth tape. I went to a sporting good store and bought the kind used for wrapping ankles & wrists before games. They had tons of colors, and even patterns. I'm guessing a craft store would carry it as well. It sticks well because it grabs on to the weave of the fiberglass. It comes in 1 1/2" width I believe but it tears super easy, in a straight line, making any width easy to achieve. The white gets dirty quickly, beware. It's so easy and cheap to do, I've changed mine almost every week. I also made a a couple thick lines of a light color on the cast for people to sign. I just peeled off the tape when it was full, & replaced it with a clean one. Then I stuck the signed tape on a board & hung it on my wall! Just beware, after a while, depending on how active you are, or how much your clothes rub on it, the edges will eventually start to peel up. Time for a new design!
—Guest ranger

white :(

so I fractured my foot yesterday and I got a white cast :( But its only a hardback cast if its not healedi get a full one I want purple! but on the one I have now il draw hello kitty and jack skellington :)
—Guest Ambearrawrr

Different colors

i got a purple cast and i got white and yellow paint markers they worked better than sharpies. thats what i did for my leg a few years ago. i just broke my arm and im deciding what to do with it still
—Guest allicat

my cast

well all they had was white so i got spray paint and made half black and half orange then put my boy friends football number on a little shirt on it with hair
—Guest panthercheer


They ran out of orange so there was a green stripe at the top, that didnt look right. SSOOO i tried to paint it all orange, but that didnt work so i got some silver duck tape. NO not the originak regular tape SILVER! Some people say it looks like a space boot but theyre haters. Hhaha
—Guest Jazzy Phat

cool sharpie colors

i have a blue leg cast and i had people sign it with a silver sharipie it looks so cool
—Guest brokendancer

Get creative!

Mine was dark purple so I wasn't sure how many sharpies would work on it, but I grabbed a silver one and doodled my anime characters and some pop art all over it and added some duct-tape and drew with other colors of sharpie over that! it looks awesome!
—Guest Animeartist

wrong color

I wanted the staff to give me red, white and blue as I have a cast near the 4th of July and when they used the blue it was too light ,so I used pernament marker to make the blue more like the flag color and it rubbed off on my white sheets. I am writing to the mfgr to inform them that their "pernament" marker failed. Checking out the duct tape thing next. I also added Sparkle stars for some bling!!!!!

cast fun

i got my cast so i let my friends sign it with a sharpy. now i can remember my BFFs will in PAIN!!!
—Guest chrissypeace

It's alive !!!!!

well it all started out with beads and markers,and now we have glued google eyes to it and gave it pink poofy hair! Now I always have someone to talk to. gives it it's own personality!!!!!!!
—Guest lori

Cup Holder!

i literaly made my arm cast into a cup holder! u just have to finish the half circle they put ur hand in with the bendy metal. IT TOTALY WORKS :D
—Guest SPASS

have fun with it

I put a ton of mosaic tiles and even painted a cool watercolor ( i take lessons ) and with hot glue got the watercolor paper to stay on one one part of my cast, it was fun!
—Guest cre8tiv


I just got a blue cast because that was the only color I could have, but I plan on stamping white snowflakes on it.
—Guest mitz

Sign Away

I went old school with my cast and got it signed and even duct taped it. I got my crutches signed too!!!!
—Guest Reilly

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