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Readers Respond: Fun Ideas For Cast Decoration

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Updated May 29, 2009


I broke my forearm and I get my cast tomorrow. I plan on getting a neon orange one,put rainbow duct tape on it and have everyone sign in silver!
—Guest Andie

Drawings make it better!!!

Well I'm only 12 and have already broken my arm 3 times (lol clumsy me) And on my first cast it was pink and I had a black marker and made it like pink and black leopard print and the second time I had blue and I got a white marker and drew cloudes and have my friends to sign in the clouds with a blue marker and the one I have on now is purple and my dad has drawn a pic of the mockingjay (from hunger games) on it and my friends have signed it as well and it looks good
—Guest Funny bunny

Be Creative!

i hot glued feathers and rinestones to mine. its made of fiber-glass so it wont go through!!
—Guest Jess

Bones and Mustaches!

I broke my wrist and got a black cast from just below my elbow to my fingertips and so I took a silver sharpie and drew in all the bones so it looks like an X-ray of a hand. I also drew a mustache on the side so that I could hold it to my face and have a huge handlebar mustache. Good Luck and heal fast!
—Guest don't hurt yourself reader!


My cast fell apart so my mom got me bright blue Ductape and polka dots Ductape and when I got to school every called me Ductape Queen. It is really easy and fun. Good Luck!
—Guest horselover

Rainbow signatures

I had dislocated my finger 13 times. They put a small pin in it to keep it stable so I got a black cast and I bought rainbow metallic markers and had people sign it. It was black and rainbow and looked really cool.
—Guest Mia

Double Boots

My doctor has put me in boot casts on both legs for my shin splints. I got neon green on the left and blue on the right. I took some glow in the dark paint and made stripes at the top of the casts and where my toes stick out. On the blue one I drew an arc reactor with silver sharpie and stars, and on the green I drew a radiation symbol. Also I normaly keep my feet covered because they are hyper sensitive from previous surgries, but since I have been forced to expose my toes (hehe that rhymes) I painted my toe nails. Purple. Because it doesn't match. Lots of love.♪
—Guest Meloditchi

Sign it!!

This is my second time having a cast on my right arm again. Well last time I got blue and now I have black so I have a silver marker and everybody signs it. They say when friends or family sign it, it might help to heal it faster. I don't know if its true but it is a fun thing to do.
—Guest Angelina L.

two past cast artworks

I have my third wrist cast on now. for the first 2 surgeries, i first had a neon green one on which I painted dozens of white daisies. Looked very retro 70s. My next cast was black so I painted an awesome white detailed tatoo-like dragon on it that took up the whole cast. Now I am back to neon green and looking for ideas...
—Guest megnut


I decorated my boot with stickers because I fractured my foot and I might get surgery. And I wanted to make my boot look pretty before that!
—Guest Guest

Shrinkins - Shrinkable ART

www.Shrinkins.com has really cool Cast Decorating kits. Some 16 designs, like Skull and Crossbones, Fairies, Sports, even Leopard! My daughter loved them. Easy to apply and reuseable to! This stuff decorates wheelchairs, walkers, canes and crutches too!
—Guest Cool Mom

artist's touch

My daughter was an art student when she broke her arm. She did a little online research, then drew the arm's actual bone structure, inncluding the fracture, using aa permanent marker. The doc took a picture before removing and disposing the cast. Very fun!
—Guest Patient's mom

liquid chalk ;)

i broke both my arms:( and i got white casts cause the doctor said the hospital couldn't afford colors! so i got lots of colored liquid chalk from smigggle and its like paint but it drys quickly and it slowly fades it takes a week to disapear completely so you just draw another design
—Guest katy purry

Pimp my Cast

I broke my arm last month and went to a site called www.pimpmycast.co.uk and got some great cast tattoos! Worth a look.
—Guest Jodan

Cast decoration

You can get a long sock with patterns on it and cut wholes for your fingers then slip the sock over your cast. That makes your cast look like its patterned. You can also get some patterned wooly fabric and make a little tube to put over it.
—Guest Sarah

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Fun Ideas For Cast Decoration

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