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Readers Respond: Fun Ideas For Cast Decoration

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Updated May 29, 2009

Who said having a cast is no fun?!? People often come up with fun and creative ways to decorate their cast. Did you try something different to spruce up your dull cast? Share what you did so others can have fun with their cast.


All the colors of the rainbow, it stays on, and looks awesome!
—Guest TheYoutubeGeek

Mustache tape

Use mustache pape on a black cast simple and fun! I hope you enjoy decoration and feel better soon!
—Guest Hurt elbow GRL

Cast idea

I fractured my growth plate in my ankle so playing sofyball so I have a cast. I asked the doctor for white but they only had glow in the dark so i just got glow in the dark. anyways, i went to the store and got all the basic sharpie colors in the rainbow such as red,orange,yellow, etc. i then asked my friend who can draw tiedye pattern so she drew tiedye pattern on my cast and it glows in the dark! the only thing bad about having the tiedye drawing on my cast would have to be that my friends and family couldnt sign it. But, hey, i have an AWESOME design!
—Guest softball77

liquid chalk ;)

i broke both my arms:( and i got white casts cause the doctor said the hospital couldn't afford colors! so i got lots of colored liquid chalk from smigggle and its like paint but it drys quickly and it slowly fades it takes a week to disapear completely so you just draw another design
—Guest katy purry

Pimp my Cast

I broke my arm last month and went to a site called www.pimpmycast.co.uk and got some great cast tattoos! Worth a look.
—Guest Jodan

Cast decoration

You can get a long sock with patterns on it and cut wholes for your fingers then slip the sock over your cast. That makes your cast look like its patterned. You can also get some patterned wooly fabric and make a little tube to put over it.
—Guest Sarah

Vines & nail polish

Yes nail polish sounds weird but it actually stays on and it look really pretty. Also my mom drew vines with flowers along my arm and its really pretty too.
—Guest Crazyllama

Dino Way

I put ninja and Dino stickers on mine and I have a boot I also drew some things too. I also have crutches so I duct taped them with cute colors or u can do your fAv sport team and do some stickers!:)E
—Guest MLIA

Sock it :)

I got my arm cast a week ago. I just cut the very end of the toe part out of the sock and a thumb hole, hey presto! Funky cover! The snazzier the sock the better!!!
—Guest Sara


I drew a mustache on the side of my arm cast and put it up to my nose so it looks like I have a mustache! :)
—Guest Boo boo

the silver sharpie

I had a blue cast and got a silver sharpie for my friends to sign with. I thought it would look cute but the silver rubbed off and looked gross :( . I would not recomend using a silver sharpie on your cast.
—Guest broken heel

Poka dot cast

I broke my hand and got a pink cast to my elbow so I poka dotted to with all different color bingo dobbers and it made perfect circles veryyy cute and easy
—Guest Brittney

Got foot surgery

I had a splint till today, I have a neon green cast. To decorate it I decided to use neon puffer paint, a type of fabric paint, and put hand prints all over it and let a few of my friends paint on it too. :D
—Guest Julia


the castoos are super cute and look awesome on my leg cast
—Guest me

Cast color and sharpie color

I have a lime green cast and used a silver sharpie it is so pretty
—Guest Bailey bug

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