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Readers Respond: Fun Ideas For Cast Decoration

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Updated May 29, 2009

Who said having a cast is no fun?!? People often come up with fun and creative ways to decorate their cast. Did you try something different to spruce up your dull cast? Share what you did so others can have fun with their cast. What Did You Try?

Bedazzle your cast

I glued rhinestones and pink gems and beads all over my cast into a swirly design. It's fun to look at and I get so many comments! I used E600 craft glue.
—Guest Brooke

glitter !!!!!

I am 13 and just got my 1st broken leg I have a short leg black cast and I put silver glitter all over my cast & then I left a big silver heart in the middle & my friends signed it with gold sharpie it looks so cool
—Guest suprise

third cast the charm

I'm going to get a cast tomorrow and its my third time. The first time I got purple and didn't let anyone sign it. Pretty stupid right! But then I got another one and it was pink and I let people sign it in all different colors. But now Im not sure what I'm going to do. I think I might do a black cast and have people sign it with silver and gold sharpies. I feel like that will look really cool.
—Guest alaina break your foot again

broken rist

I had a cast on during Christmas so I had then do red and white to make a candy cane and I just has people draw Christmas trees and present's and hot coco it looks awesome.
—Guest clummsy soccer girl

artist friend

I got my friend to do a big black floral design on the side of my leg cast (pink cast) and added glitter to the inside bits, it looks soo cool, hurts like heck though lol :p
—Guest clumsy sausage roll


i have broken many bones and I found many different ways to decorate my casts. one of favorites is just getting glitter glue and creating some cool design. right now I am in a leg cast and order this material called shrinkies it is so cool!! I recommend that!
—Guest the cripple


I broke my arm while flying at cheerleading practice. My bases dropped me. My arm and wrist were broken. I had my doctor use two colors to make the cast. It was pink and black striped. I took metalic sharpies and had my friends sign the black parts. Than I took black glitter and put it on the pink. My cast was waterproof too! It was really cool and my friend who had broken her leg was super jealous. P.S. use a hair dryer to dry your cast after you get it wet. It gets rid of the horrible smell.
—Guest Clumsy Cheerleader


You can put glitter on it ! I got a pink cast and I put silver glitter on it ! But be careful cause the glitter gets everywhere ! So yeah but after 12 hours I say your good . The glitter won't fall off anymore . :) good luck with your cast !
—Guest Wrist pain :/

Cool night

I broke my arm so I got purple cast with sparkles and then with glow-in-the-dark paint I drew the night sky, stars, the moon everything it was really cool and it glowed up at night It was super cool now I have a yellow cast and I don't know what to do!
—Guest Broken chic


I got a red cast with black fabric under it. I bought a black zipper and stick on little rhinestones at a craft store. I tucked the bottom of zipper under bottom of cast and glued it onto the cast. Half way up to elbow I opened the zipper and glued the two sides down and tucked top part into top past of cast. I then filled the opening up with the stick on rhinestones. Got the idea when I thought how I would like to be able to just zip the darn thing off and give my arm and hand a breather. Everyone loved it.
—Guest LindaBlueJeans

cast decor

i got all my mates to sign it on the front put a moustache on the right side and just did the xray thing that —Guest don't hurt yourself reader! put on at the bottom but with my left hand cuz yh and when i get really bored in lessons i just like doodle all over the other side, it may look really random to some peeps but its special to me and thats what really matters... ps. does anyone know if u get to keep ur casts???
—Guest bored teenager

Leg Cast

I fractured my foot during a ballet rehearsal, literally about a half inch from my toe. For whatever reason my cast comes all the way up to my knee, but then again if you have to have the cast isn't it just more surface to decorate!? The cast is "Gulf Blue" (I love those Ford GTs) and for those of you who don't know what that means Gulf Blue is half way between sky blue and robin's egg blue. Anyways I'm having a couple artist friends do line drawings on it in black sharpie. One's going to do a hawk or an eagle or something and the other is going to do some swirls and floral around it. My advice, keep it simple so you can live with it, but don't be afraid to show your personality!
—Guest BallerinaUSA


I got hurt in dance and I'm a huge directioner so I put the new 1D Duckt Tape on there and It looks COOL!
—Guest Directioner553

Duct tape and sparkles

I broke my foot so I have a boot. I put zebra duct tape all over it and some gem stones. Tons of people thought it had come that way!
—Guest Mac

My cast

i got a black long armed cast yesterday and i let all my freinds sign and decorate my cast with a silver sharpie and it looks awesome!!!!!!!
—Guest jazz

What Did You Try?

Fun Ideas For Cast Decoration

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