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Readers Respond: Can Joint Replacement Surgery Help You Lose Weight

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Updated August 23, 2010

Many people choose to proceed with joint replacement surgery in an effort to lose weight. However, there is conflicting data as to whether or not the average patient will lose, or gain, weight after joint replacement surgery. What was your experience? Were you able to lose weight after joint replacement? Is that why you decided to have joint replacement surgery?

Weight Loss after TKR

I lost 15ks (33lbs) after my surgery nearly a year ago. I was so glad to have my life back, I had not been able to walk very far prior to surgery, and suddenly the pain had gone !! Walked the dog evry day, watched what I ate, and lost 15 kgs and dropped 2 dress sizes :)
—Guest Ruby May

weight loss and joint replacement

I want to add, that I DID lose a combined 40 pounds prior & during the recovery period (I had both knees replaced at the same time), But I am a chef and my life revolves around food, which makes it additionally hard to control my eating habits. I agree with Maggief3 - the pain is unbelievably intense, but despite knowing that my weight may cause me to need to go through it again, it doesn't seem to be enough of an incentive to lose weight. The mind is willing but the flesh is weak.
—Guest heather

bilateral knee replacement

No, I did not lose weight after knee replacements because of side effects of medications I was on. Antidepressants cause weight gain for an example. I rode my bike daily a complete summer and didn't drop a pound.
—Guest Jan Jorgensen

Knee replacement

No, I have put on weight due to other problems. I was hopeful that I would lose weight.
—Guest Linda


I had the hip replacement because of pain but do hope to get fit-not necessarily lose weight. It's only been 3mos but I have lost a couple pounds and toned up some.

sick of it

No. In fact my weight has been increasing. I have a painful back which makes it harder for me to motivate, but I also have extremely heavy legs (always have) and I hate people to see me 'out walking'. I feel trapped in this body that used to be attractive and now is obese.
—Guest heather

Weight Loss and Joint Replacement

I have had 2 joint replacements, and lost weight prior to both surgeries (25-40 lbs) both times to increase recovery post operatively. I have since put the weight back on even though I have resumed recreational activities like golf and weight training/cardio, but in doing so also increased my appetite for food, feeling good, eating better. I have experience greater hip pain that might be as a result of my recreational activity, but certainly attributable to my weight gain. Regardless, losing weight will yield many benefits beyond reduced hip pain, that it is now a must. As my wife states, 'looking lean feels better than anything good fat can taste.'
—Guest Tony Ruggieri

weight loss/TKR

Absolutely!!! I missed walking so much, and was tired of my husband having to drop me off at the door. I have lost 30 pounds and treasure being able to once again enjoying a five mile morning walk!
—Guest gabriela davis

Did you slim down? NO!

I can't imagine anyone having this surgery to loose weight! The pain is too intense. I have gained since my surgery in 2004.

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