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Readers Respond: Size of Your Surgical Scar: Does it Matter?

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Updated August 18, 2009

The push for minimally invasive surgery also means that the size of incisions to perform surgical procedures is getting smaller -- and some surgeons worry that the quality may be sacrificed in a quest for small incisions. Most people agree that incision size should not be the most important aspect of surgery, but should it matter at all? Do you care about the size of your surgical scar?


Minimum invasive also means quicker recovery.Fewer days in the Hospital and quicker rehab.
—Guest RonRinaldo

Incision size

No, it doesn't matter as long as the quality of work is done proper.
—Guest Lidia

gastric bypass

tried to have gastric bypass surgery but they couldn't complete it because of my enlarged liver. Fortunately they used laparascopic incisions- five of them-- which are only about an inch long. My sister also had the surgery several years ago but she has a major scar running down the length of her abdomen. So I was glad I only had minor scars, especially when they couldn't complete the surgery.
—Guest guest woman

Ugly Scar

My scar is very long, at least 8 inches, i used Vitamin E oil, but it is still ugly!!!

Knee Surgery Scar

I want scars to be as small as possible since I need both knees replaced
—Guest Renee

memories of a different variety

I just had hip surgery a week ago and it looks like I will be left with about a 5 inch scar and I could care less! Scars are Just an easy way to remember where you have been in life and how it has changed you. Lastly the fact that the doc did the surgery this way let him find something else that was wrong.
—Guest guest gwsharklover

Downside of Large Incisions

I had surgery for hysterectomy at a young age, the surgeon had shown me in advance was he was going to do, but that didn't "work out." It was easier to put an eight inch scare across my stomach, pulling it tight so forever instead of a tummy tuck I have a tummy out. I want them to do their jobs but maybe think more about the long time effects patients suffer.
—Guest noelbh8

Scarry scare...yes I care

I do. I had gallbladder surgery back in 1977 and have a huge ugly 9" blood worm thick scar on my belly. It has a bunch of lumps under it and is truly ugly. I was not married yet. Just think of having a hubby never knowing what your pretty belly could have looked like? I have just had back surgery and the doctor did "minimally invasive" style surgery with staples and I have next to no scar and no lumps underneath. Yeah! SO yes, scar matters. I think underneath stitching and scarring also matters.

Incision Size Isn't a Consideration

Had a knee replacement in October. Really, the scar is mostly healed and what is important to me is the quality of the procedure and it's long term results. Don't plan to be in a beauty contest any time soon anyway.
—Guest travelchick3

size of surgical scar

It doesn't matter a bit to me as long as the problem is helped.

It Matters To Me

The newer technology (minimally invasive) has the incision either on the side of the buttock and some use the anterior (front of leg). Both my hips are replaced, 5" incision down side of each buttock. Probably would not show in a bathing suit (maybe an inch of it or so). But if your surgeon uses the 8-10" cut down the side of the leg....recovery is slower and the incision scar is there for all to see if wearing a bathing suit or short shorts.
—Guest LadyCee

Function is most important

I don't care at all about the length of the scar on my knee. I am thrilled to be able to walk and hike for long distances. If my surgeon had given me a choice of a shorter scar for potentially less function I would have told him "no way!"
—Guest SunnyD8

incision size

Smallest needed to do the job effectively is best. Smaller for sake of smaller is stupid.
—Guest Right hip replaced

Does scar size matter?

Although I would prefer a smaller scar, size doesn't matter as much as the surgeon having an adequate view of and access to the area of concern.

Is It Really Important?

Not really. Mine is 7" long. The smaller scar might mean more mobility early on when youre doing PT, but I don't think it matters.
—Guest Tim
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