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Readers Respond: Having Hip Replacement Surgery

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Updated April 07, 2009

Just do it!

I had my left hip replaced this past June and right in December> Dont live with the pain! Just do it! Driving, back to work, and best of all SLEEPING! Talk to people who have had the surgeon you pick and do everything they say. You"ll be glad!
—Guest Grammy G

I KNOW when it's time!

At the age of 40 I was diagnosed with AVN and over time was offered several options, most of which had a 40% or greater failure rate. I suffered until the age of 54 before I had a minimally invasive procedure and haven't looked back since. Please!! If you have had a replacement recommended, don't wait as I did-it's not worth the pain. I'm a critical care nurse, sole support for myself and regret all the years I suffered for no good reason other than I thought I had to until I could no longer stand it. I have a ceramic/ceramic bearing prosthesis that will likely out last me. I'm 58 and finally enjoying the life I should have had in my 40's. If you can find the finances to manage during your recovery, do it sooner rather than later. You won't regret it.
—Guest Donna K

I wish I had done this sooner...

I am a 46 year old mother of three children, the youngest being four. I have an artificial leg due to pffd. I have hip dysplasia in both hips, my "good" leg having the worst damage. My hip pain has become so severe that I am not able to stand long enough to unload dishwasher. My entire family has moved into the first floor of my mother's house, as our 115 year old home has two staircases. I went for evaluations by five different doctors, before finding one with the experience to handle my unique hip issues. I am scheduled to have my hip replacement on March 5th. It cannot come soon enough! My thoughts are with all here struggling to get back to our normal lives!
—Guest Cynner

hip replacement

I've had minor problem with my hip for 15 years. Used to jog, had to stop. 4 years ago some arthritis was found on my right hip joint, started glucosamine. 8 months ago I had surgery for herniated disc and thought this would solve all. But no. My quality of life is shot down. I can't walk very well, knee gives out, lots of pain after 50 meter. Can't do any house work. Not much really at all. My husband is a blessing. Will see a specialist in 3 weeks but am scared of the hip replacement suggested by my family doctor. I am unsure of debris from the different prosthesises. I read a lot online and have learned a lot, but some tales scare me. And so soon after other major surgery I'm reluctant but will go ahead since my back isn't recovering fully with this limping walking style. Life is boring these days. So I look forward to seeing the doc and hope the surgery can happen soon. I feel I have to take the bull by the horn and dive in. I'm 64 and female.

Surgery Scheduled

I have Avascular Necrosis, and have exhausted all methods to take this pain away. I have cancelled surgery twice, because I couldn't go through with it at the last minute. I am still mobile, and my pain is constant but not unbearable. I have surgery scheduled again for January 17, I am at a crossroad. I just don't know what to do. There are pros! Like no more pain. But cons, possible lengthening, not being able to cross legs, can't bend over, can't sleep on sides,possible dislocation of implant. Does the good outway the bad? I feel I'm too young for this surgery.
—Guest Lin

Pre-Hip Surgery

I am scheduled to have hip replacement surgery on the 27th of this month. I'm not sure I'm ready. I have pain. But I am still pretty mobile. My pain is bearable and I'm just not sure. I'm 58 years old. I have seen 3 orthopedic surgeons with same diagnosis of Avascular Necrosis. Two said I need surgery and one says hold off as long as I can. Don't know what to do.
—Guest Linda

Right 4 weeks ago...Left in 2 weeks

I'm 47 and both hips were severely damaged by avascular necrosis. Had the right hip replaced 4 weeks ago and do not regret it! The only problem is a leg length discrepancy, that will be corrected with my next surgery in 2 weeks for the left hip. The right femoral head was completely collasped and the left is almost as damaged. I put up with severe, chronic pain for about 3 years because I thought I was too young, but when I finally got to where I couldn't sleep, sit, walk or enjoy life, I finally decided it was time to do something and am glad I did! Can't wait for the next 2 weeks to pass...I dread the surgery, but look forward to the relief from the pain!
—Guest valyn

48! Hip Replacement! WOW!

not in total pain yet, but discomfort every day. Love to work out, run, walk and spin. If I choose to have it done do I have minimally invasive surgery or the traditional ??? Very Sad and confused.
—Guest judymaisel@optonline.net

Getting Ready For Your Surgery

It is extremely important to get the right nutritional diet before and after surgery for a better recovery. As soon as you find out about your future surgery, ask your doctors for the best way to prepare for surgery and to obtain a faster healing. You do not want to be in recovery for so long but you want to recover successfully and rapidly. I wish you all the best of luck. Daniela Castillo Top Doctors Labs

Replace total right hip

4o yrs ago I was a passenger in a car hit by a DUI. Right side was messed up and since 20006 was advised to have a total right hip replaced. I am a nurse, self supporting, and caretaker to other people and animals and hesitant about doing this. Have read about the direct anterior approach, reaching the hip joint from the front, pushing aside key muscles and tendons instead of cutting them.
—Guest gloria turausky


I had my first hip replacement before they had total hips. It wore out then 2 total hip replacements broke in the next 20 years from use. I now am on 4th hip in left side and first in right side from wear on good leg. bless the doctors who do these surgerys an the people who design the hips. I would not like to have lived without this help.
—Guest Bill

Surgery soon!

I'm scared but having hip replacement anyway! I have no cartilage and two bone spurs in my left hip. I can walk some but then the pain comes and I am limping like crazy. I can't go upstairs and I can't go for walks with my dog. I hope the drugs do their job! I hate being nervous while I wait for the surgery!
—Guest Donna

I feel too young

I am only 25, but have multiple problems with my right hip that conservative treatments won't fix... I go to school and work on my feet full time and because of my hip pain, I have days I can't get out of bed... I think the hip replacement is the right thing to do, but I feel so young and its weighing on my emotions now...
—Guest Guest Marie

When is time for a hip replacement?

I am turning 50 this year. The pain comes and goes. Total agony when shopping. Have to lift my leg into the car. After a day the pain can subside. The pain is in my groin area. I feel too young for this! What to do?
—Guest jules

check all types of replacement first!

I had a replacement two years ago and am now recalled with a DePuy, ASR hip and a failing hip with high levels of cobalt and chromium in my blood stream and facing a second surgery, sick from the cobalt, a disasterous nightmare for someone in late 60's. The results could have been different if the dr. had given me the hip that I requested. Know your doctor and discuss all possibilities well before making a decision that can affect the quality of your remaining years. I am left full of regrets.
—Guest Anne

When is it Time?

Having Hip Replacement Surgery

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