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Readers Respond: Having Hip Replacement Surgery

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Updated April 07, 2009

48! Hip Replacement! WOW!

not in total pain yet, but discomfort every day. Love to work out, run, walk and spin. If I choose to have it done do I have minimally invasive surgery or the traditional ??? Very Sad and confused.
—Guest judymaisel@optonline.net

Getting Ready For Your Surgery

It is extremely important to get the right nutritional diet before and after surgery for a better recovery. As soon as you find out about your future surgery, ask your doctors for the best way to prepare for surgery and to obtain a faster healing. You do not want to be in recovery for so long but you want to recover successfully and rapidly. I wish you all the best of luck. Daniela Castillo Top Doctors Labs

Replace total right hip

4o yrs ago I was a passenger in a car hit by a DUI. Right side was messed up and since 20006 was advised to have a total right hip replaced. I am a nurse, self supporting, and caretaker to other people and animals and hesitant about doing this. Have read about the direct anterior approach, reaching the hip joint from the front, pushing aside key muscles and tendons instead of cutting them.
—Guest gloria turausky


I had my first hip replacement before they had total hips. It wore out then 2 total hip replacements broke in the next 20 years from use. I now am on 4th hip in left side and first in right side from wear on good leg. bless the doctors who do these surgerys an the people who design the hips. I would not like to have lived without this help.
—Guest Bill

Surgery soon!

I'm scared but having hip replacement anyway! I have no cartilage and two bone spurs in my left hip. I can walk some but then the pain comes and I am limping like crazy. I can't go upstairs and I can't go for walks with my dog. I hope the drugs do their job! I hate being nervous while I wait for the surgery!
—Guest Donna

I feel too young

I am only 25, but have multiple problems with my right hip that conservative treatments won't fix... I go to school and work on my feet full time and because of my hip pain, I have days I can't get out of bed... I think the hip replacement is the right thing to do, but I feel so young and its weighing on my emotions now...
—Guest Guest Marie

When is time for a hip replacement?

I am turning 50 this year. The pain comes and goes. Total agony when shopping. Have to lift my leg into the car. After a day the pain can subside. The pain is in my groin area. I feel too young for this! What to do?
—Guest jules

check all types of replacement first!

I had a replacement two years ago and am now recalled with a DePuy, ASR hip and a failing hip with high levels of cobalt and chromium in my blood stream and facing a second surgery, sick from the cobalt, a disasterous nightmare for someone in late 60's. The results could have been different if the dr. had given me the hip that I requested. Know your doctor and discuss all possibilities well before making a decision that can affect the quality of your remaining years. I am left full of regrets.
—Guest Anne


44 yr old female. Eight years of steroid injections. Not working any longer. Pain meds do not ease pain. Have ruptured achilles due to excessive steroid use. Very active, but slowing down FAST.
—Guest Gina

Do it!

Four years ago was told I needed my hip to be replaced and there were no alternative treatments...I interviewed several orthopedic surgeons. Finally, I met a surgeon who came highly recommended and looked me straight in the eye while explaining this and that. That's what it took -- I had the surgery a few days ago and am now home. I can tell you without reservation that it's almost painless! and the discomfort you'll feel is mild -- it's called surgical pain -- and all that means is the discomfort you'll feel around the incision on the outside. This is nothing compared to the truly unbearable pain I had on and off for several years on the inside...

Do it

I had my hip replaced just before my 45th birthday. I couldn't drive or tie my shoe. The hip replacement was my only choice. It was the correct one. I am now 48. They say I need a knee replacement and the other hip will eventually need replacing. It is scarey but the quality of life so changed after my hip replacement. I could garden and go for long walks. If you can't enjoy life, it is time to get your hip replaced. Don't let surgery scare you.
—Guest Melissa

Ready to go

I had partial knee replacement in Sept 09 and knew that eventually I will need a new left hip. Eventually happened much sooner than I hoped and expected. I don't sleep well at night due to pain and I can no longer walk any distance. I've placed my movement related hobbies on hold. In a month I will have the surgery and I've elected the minimally invasive metal on metal. Looking forward to getting this behind me.
—Guest Rick Danzey

Very apprehensive

I'm scheduled for a replacement on July 15, 2010. Sixty-one, I live alone and have tried steroids for six months. Physically, I've not let the pain slow me down too much; mentally, the distraction of pain has impaired my judgement and quality of life. I feel like I've "covered all the bases," and hope for a relatively quick recovery. I'm wondering if we can do Botox to fill in the pain wrinkles?? Sense of humor.
—Guest Deb Taylor

When Is It Time?

For me the time is NOW. I have delayed for two years and wasted my trip to Holland last month as I was unable to walk for any distance..this made my mind up. I am 57 years of age and have a lot of living to do. I don't want to be like this anymore..continually struggling with pain, turning over in bed, shopping and day to day activities being so difficult that you sometimes just want to give up. Looking to surgery in about 6 weeks and although scared am sure the benefits will be tremendous.
—Guest Caroline

Total hip replacment

I am a 73 year old man who had terrible pain in my left hip, so bad that I scheduled surgery back in October but had to wait until the end of February (26). Well after 4 weeks I am now walking with a cane and am moving along pretty good, no pain at all, am being released today by my home care PT and nurse so I feel pretty good. I work in the summer on a golf course and will be going back by the first week of May. This is the best thing I have done but should have had it done sooner. If you need it by all means don't wait.
—Guest Roy

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