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Readers Respond: Having Hip Replacement Surgery

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Updated April 07, 2009

A joint replacement surgery is a major surgical procedure. Deciding when the time is right for hip replacement can be a challenging decision. How did you decide it was time for hip replacement? Or, what is telling you to wait for your hip replacement procedure? When is it Time?

Surgery Soon!

I am scheduled for a THR next month. I know it is time because the pain is interfering with every aspect of my life--- I haven't slept through the night in weeks. I could deal with the pain when it just occurred when getting out of the car or for the first step, but now I can't even sit without pain and I feel I've tried every angle and type of chair, but little relief. I have even had to resort to use of a cane! I had two injections which helped for only a brief time. I had my left knee replaced three years ago and I am so happy with the mobility I gained and the pain relief. I didn't count on my hip being even worse than my knee just three years later. Everyone says the hip rehab is easier than the knee and I came through the knee okay (but with work!) so hope this will be the same too. I am tired of the pain and know this is the right choice. Can people who've gone through it advise how quickly you feel better? Thanks.

I've suffered for more then 10 years

I'm 54 and due to have a THR in 2 weeks. I have deteriorated so much in the 11 years since I was referred for an x-ray because of excruciating pain in my groin. My life has been so limited by my inability to walk far without pain. Over the last 5 years I have had no life as a result of the constant pain and the immobility and it now wakes me at night too. They have finally said it is time because at the rate that my arthritis is progressing they will soon not have enough good bone to attach a new hip. I am very apprehensive but am tired of the pain and of feeling like an 80 year old. I want to enjoy my life.
—Guest Jo

Taking charge of my health care

The last four years or so I have had R hip pain which has steadily increased in intensity. Last October I had an injection done in my hip with fluro which gave immediate relief but sadly did not last through the end of the year. I have tried chiropractic management this spring which seemed to greatly exaggerate my symptoms. I do take glu/chon daily, which helps slightly. I am experiencing pain during the night which makes for a uneasy sleep as well as have quite the difficulty with socks or tying my shoes. Nail care is done when get a pedicure since I am unable at this time. After a physical with my GP this week I am heading back to the ortho for my options. I am reading everything I can, all of your responses so I can make the best informed decision for myself. It is up to me to learn and be aware of choices available, and I am thankful for sites like this one that offer patient experiences.
—Guest Karen

To Krykos

Dont be in a hurry or rush into THR. had my right done after severe accident (no choice) but its not a panacea

No pain at all!!!

I had my 30th birthday 4 days after my total hip replacement. I had no choice as bone on bone with fracture! Had the minimal invasive surgery & haven't looked back. I have been pain free since. Only little discomfort from the wound/swelling. 4 weeks later and now able to live a normal life with being careful but PAIN FREE :) im only 30 but so much happier & can't believe I put up with so much pain before surgery. Good luck :)
—Guest Alison

Just do it!

I just had THR this past August. I had no cartilage left and bone spurs in my right hip. I'm 59 years old and had become a couch potato because it was painful too move. Just follow the doctor and physical therapist's advice exactly and you will do great. I should have done it sooner.
—Guest Michelle

almost 12 years

I had my hip replaced almost 1 years ago, I talked to my doctor and asked if he thought I was a candidate for it and should I get it done? I was only 36... He replied "Yes you are a good a candidate, but I can' t tell you when to do it. You will decide that for your self." A year later after over ten years of pain and getting worse and worse I went back and told him I was ready. Recovery was work, but then I wished I would of done it sooner! If you are worried about having it done, because you are not sure... Look at it this way, if you can't do normal activities without pain, I mean pain, Not discomfort or a little ache. You need to seriously decide if you want to wait it out and lose those years. I wish I didn't wait so many other things I could of done through my mid twenties and early thirties.
—Guest Mick

Why now?

Both my hips are deplete of cartilage. My daughter worked with many hip and knee replacements as a nurse. She advised me to get it done 'while you're young' ( 70), that if you wait to long, your whole body gets debilitated because you are not walking correctly; your muscles and nerves get all twisted around for the same reason. Find a surgeon who does this often; make sure you will have physio after care; study and practise the exercises on these websites; lose weight; in other words, what you put into it, you will get out of it.
—Guest Jepne

Best thing I every did

I was 36 when I had the replacement in Feb 2000 and now I am 48. I was always in pain. I have just started having some problems in the last few months. Dont know what to expect.
—Guest Starr

36 and need hip replacement!

I had my hip pinned when I was 8 years old and again when I was 20. My femur bone is so pours I am not a candidate for any other type of surgery except hip replacement. I'm scared - I haven't had children yet. The pain now had caused anxiety, depression, and low self esteem. Sounds like and easy choice just to go thru it ... Then why am I so scared?
—Guest Jen

When to know when it is time

I am 44 and have hip surgery schedule on April 30th and I don't know if I am making the right decision to have it. I can't tie my shoes or get my socks on without difficulty. I'm scared, but don't know if I should go through with the surgery. I am so young to have hip replacement surgery and I hope it helps, but I don't know if I should wait. With the surgery I am worried that I will have limitations after I get it done. I have been active all my life playing sports. Please help to make my decision to go through with it. I keep thinking that I am so young to get this done and that I probably will need another surgery down the road and if I wait longer will I affect my other hip and other parts of my body.
—Guest Liz

Don't know yet

I have OA in both of my hips. The left is painful when I get up and sometimes when driving. I can still run without pain. I was told that I need to have THR but don't think that I am ready.
—Guest nvmy96cobra


I had one hip replacement a couple of years ago, totally successful. Ready for the second one whenever the surgeon can schedule me. Before the first one I was terrified, two weeks after the surgery was so happy to be released from the groin pain. I am 74, active and although not excited about being "on the table" the alternative...suffering pain, not being able to sleep etc., - I am ready. I live in Toronto, Canada and have an excellent surgeon. I think the secret to having hip replacement is to go to a hospital that deals with replacement of hips and knees. I have also had back surgery, successful, again at a hospital that only did backs.
—Guest frances rustom

Why did I wait?

I have had pain in my hip for years. I am only 56 yrs old. So, I thought it was due to my imagination, being overweight or inactivity. When my kids finally convinced me to see an orthopedic doctor, I had nothing left. It was so bad that even an injection would not help! 10 days later I was lying on the surgery table, wondering if I was doing the right thing. Well, I sure was because in less than 2 wks I am up moving around better than I had for years. I only have intermittent pain, mostly from doing too much! I am just so excited that I can move again that I forget that I have limit. As soon as the MD says you need one, get it done. FDR said way back in 1932, "You have nothing to fear but fear itself!" Well, this is one case where those words sure hold true! Don't wait! Get it done today!
—Guest Roxanne

I am NOT a candidate for THR

I have been told by one naturopath/chiropractor & a bone & joint specialist that I need a THR. I am in excruciating pain and have no quality of life, so I am looking for alternatives because I would NOT do well with this kind of surgery. I have done tons of research and I'd say about 75% have MORE problems after THR. I would definitely be in that group. I am obese, I smoke, I probably have heart disease, Lyme Disease, Spinal Stenosis, Degenerative Disc & Joint Disease,Dercum's Disease, a Bulging Disc, and probably a whole slew of *Other* diseases I've yet to discover. Truth is...I wouldn't even make it off the operating table, and from what I've read, not sure I'd want to. People minimize this surgery WAY too much, and I know it is a difficult recovery...IF you actually really DO recover. So I have already decided that I will somehow have to live and deal with this pain because I know I could not make it through that kind of surgery without complications. I KNOW me!!

When is it Time?

Having Hip Replacement Surgery

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