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Readers Respond: Did You Know About Possible Side-Effects of Cortisone?

Responses: 357


Updated January 13, 2010

Didn't know of any side effects!

I had a cortisone shot in my wrist, one of two that I have had. My first shot I did't have any effect from it. Didn't have no pain or anything. When I recieved my second shot omg! A few hours later after the shot I was in so much pain. I couldn't move my wrist a certain way, I had to put an ice pack on it and wrap it with a wrap that's how bad it hurt. The next day it still was hurting. I had to wear a wrap for two days on and off. Still today my wrist hurts and it's been four days since 've gotten the shot. Also I have crazy bruising on the part where the shot was injected and even in a spot where the shot was not injected. This is so crazy and I hope that I feel better soon or someone needs to give me some answers on my pain that i am feeling.
—Guest omg that hurts!


I knew of side effects, I had injections in the side of each heel a few days ago. The doctor froze my feet to help reduce the injection pain, didn't help much. I couldn't walk at all the rest of the day it hurt so bad. I had the facial heat flashes for two days. But the itching...omg it's making me crazy! First my legs one day, then my arms, and then it moved to my hands. The initial pain for the purpose has started to subside. It was try this for a few weeks, and then surgery if it didn't help. Keeping my fingers crossed it continues to ease up!
—Guest jen

Whole Body flushing

I just had a cortisone shot in my right knee to treat a meniscal cyst. I felt as if I had been transported back 10 years to hotflashes and night sweats. My husband wanted the heat on because it was 55 degrees in the house and I wanted the windows and doors open. That's when I started to google possible side effects. Voila, I found them.
—Guest Heide Kober

side effects!!!

I had a cortisone shot in my right knee for scar tissue and pain, well I wasn't informed of any side effects and the shot didn't even hurt. Thirty minutes later I was sweating and my knee was killing me. I got a bad migraine. Its been almost a week and every day I am experiencing fast heart beat, sweating, dizziness, nervousness. I didn't have this before the shot. I wouldn't have got it. My knee is not better so now I am going to have to have surgery to remove the scar tissue from a previous surgery, I would have rather been put under than to feel like this, I feel horrible!!!!!
—Guest Tiffany

Side effects

Yes, I knew about the side effects, but am stilled surprised each time I have one. This is the third. Hurts a bit, but is done so fast. I think the secret is to ice area injected - always helps me. They effects do pass and certainly help the pain. Had injections in sacroilliac joint yesterday and that area feels good so long-term results are worth the short-lived effects. Was told of the posible side effects and the internet answers any other concerns you might have.
—Guest sbdingu

Medication side effects

Everyone---not just for injections but for ANY medication that your doc gives you in ANY form: ALWAYS ASK WHAT THE SIDE EFFECTS ARE!! You have a RIGHT to know so you can make an INFORMED decision on whether to accept the medication/treatment. Do NOT leave the doctors office or have the procedure done until this question is answered thoroughly to YOUR satisfaction!!
—Guest Sharon

shoulder shot

Was never informed of side effects. Up all night. Pain increased over course of 12 hours. Can't move left shoulder. Will not do it again.
—Guest carolann

Had my 5 th shot today

Its already helping, and yes I would if you have dealt with arthritis pain and have not slept for days a little hot flash(menopausal type & already not sleeping) its worth it. You should have been told of the side effects but if they are not offered why would you not ask someone is injecting something into yyour body!!! I'm an RN and I would question anyone even my friend who is my doctor.
—Guest Pat

Cortisone side effects

I had a cortisone shot in my knee today. This is my four bur the last one lasted almost 2 years. My Dr. was good to tell me the side effects. This is the first time my knee has swollen afterward, but I hope it lasts. If it lasts less than a month, he told me about some other shots I can get that aren't cortisone. It is a series of 3 shots, but he said it was pricey.
—Guest Judy Hoimyr


I was told of the side effects and had to sign a release. This is my 3rd set of shots since 2007. The benefits I receive from the shots far out weight the side effects. I have arthritis in both ankles, knees, hips and back. Only I only need to get them every couple of years. They work wonderfully for me.
—Guest Goldiepel

Got one today

This afternoon I got a cortisone shot in my right shoulder for a painful shoulder/arm of 6 months ... (was waiting for it to "get better")... Anyway, I wasn't warned of any side effects either! Within a few hours I was in horrible pain and couldn't raise my arm at ALL! Luckily I found this site thru Google and I'm hoping that the pain will subside and I won't be getting any of the other side effects mentioned!!! Hair growth???!!! Really????!!!!
—Guest Lydia

headache and sleeplessnes

Got one shot in each shoulder yesterday, and the headache will not subside. Slept about 2hrs, with very upset stomach and diarrhea--generally feel terrible. Hope this is short term--Dr. did NOT mention side effects, but--the shoulder pain is gone.
—Guest Pat

skin discoloration

I did not know that there was a possibility of skin discoloration. Here I am thinking theres something severly wrong with me and now I have found out its a side effect of injection. Im reliefed its a minor issue, but never informed it was a possible side effect.
—Guest nancy

The Pain Was Excruciating!

I had a cortsione shot in my ankle once and felt no pain whatsoever so I wasn't concerned at all with receiving cortisone in my hands. I was given an injection in each wrist and told I may feel a slight tingling in the fingers. I have no problem with needles or shots, but the doc was rough with the first shot enough to make me wince outloud. The second was okay. Fifteen minutes after the injection the pain began. I was driving home alone, and the pain just got worse and worse. I had to pull over as I couldn't hold the wheel, and I couldn't see through the tears. My husband called while this was happening and I could not hold the phone in my hands to talk. He called the docs office ( I was the last patient and they were closed) and there was NO ONE ON CALL! Their message said call 911 if their's an emergency! It took a good 30 min before I could drive, and had to alternate hands on the steering wheel. It was totally excruciating and I was totally ticked I was not warned!

Female facial hair growth side effect...

I had 2 cortisone shots for lower back pain - 6 weeks ago and 4 weeks ago now. I am a 44 yo woman. My only real side effect is that I now have facial hair and hair growth on my stomach. I am absolutely horrified. No one told me in advance. I called the office and they said it was a common side effect and should last 2 weeks to 3 months. Wonderful. I NEVER would have had the shots if I'd known this could happen. I'm not even sure the shots worked...
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