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Readers Respond: Did You Know About Possible Side-Effects of Cortisone?

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Updated January 13, 2010

Feels like the Flu

I had two injections for Mortons Neuroma yesterday (first time). After 8 hrs I started sneezing and today I feel like I have the flu. Did not sleep well last night. Was not informed of any possible side effects of the cortizone, but today the pain is gone.
—Guest AL

No more Cortisone shots

I had foot surgery and it is not healing. The doctor gave me a shot for pain and said Cortisone will make it heal faster. He said nothing about possible side effects.
—Guest Ruth P

Great results to Cortisone shots

I have severe OA in both knees and am severely disabled without Cortisone injections while I wait for replacement surgery. My Dr uses Xray to determine that the needle is properly placed, injects local anesthesia first and a little radiopaque dye before the steroid. My pain and ability to get around are better before I leave the office due to the anesthesia which seems to last 5-6 hours and by then the steroid is working. Other than a little wakefulness, I have had no side effects. Unfortunately the relief wears off in 12-14 days in spite of dose dose size so I am scheduled for the replacements in the near future.
—Guest Marge


Just had my first shot for knee problems. Dr. didn't tell me of any side effects. Tonight I am having hot flashes like never before. I can't cool down. Central air and a window ac aren't helping. I hope it goes away soon.
—Guest Linda

Don't think so.

I don't think I would have gotten the shot if I knew it would change my skin color... It's been 5 months and its not getting better. It spread over a large area after a month!
—Guest Madaboutit

Sleepless and anxious after cortisone

I have had severe insomnia and anxiety and moodiness since I got a cortisone shot in my shoulder a week ago. Called the dr's office only to be told that I should go see my primary care physician for an evaluation because cortisone doesn't cause these type of symptoms! Apparently they believe I just developed an anxiety problem coincidentally the same day I received the shot, even though I have never had these symptoms in my entire life. I told them it was ridiculous for me to go to my primary care dr to help me with an adverse reaction when the drug was administered by my orthopedic surgeon and was told by them that they didn't treat psychiatric problems! I am more angry about being told that my VERY REAL symptoms are somehow not related to the cortisone shot. Never again cortisone and Never again that orthopedic surgeon!!
—Guest Sleepless

Nothing said about side effects

Have bad arthritis in my right knee and have been getting cortisone shots every 4 months for the past year. First shot hurt but brought much needed relief. No side effects with it. Second shot hurt but within 24 hours my face turned bright red and felt like it was on fire. I called the doctor and was told there were no side effects to the shot. The redness lasted 3-4 days and then went away. Just had my third shot yesterday, it hurt as usual and 24 hours later my face and both arms are on fire and bright red. I don't know what to do for it, but I guess having this happen outweighs the knee pain without the shot. I'm glad I'm not the only one who is having a problem. I just wish there was something I could do about the bright red face and arms that feel like they are on fire.
—Guest Charlene

Aware of side-effects, prev experience.

I had several rounds of cervical injections, 3 shots per round. 2 went fine, 1 of them caused my blood pressure to drop & dizziness within seconds-it was scary, but in the long run worth it. Since then I've had an injection in my shoulder which gave me an overall sickly feeling for a couple days, ultimately though no pain. Over the years I have become more sensitive to the injections & had one in my knee a couple days ago. Feel lousy, flushing, slightly claustrophobic & cranky-just like with the oral steroids. The knee problem is so severe I'm hoping this will be worth it all. You never know what to expect, but overall I think the shots can outweigh the risks. It's a gamble like so many other things!

cortisone shot

Was told all about side effects before. Was not painful, adminisrered in hip & has helped bursitis and tendionapthy--worth it
—Guest lunda

Horrible Experience

I had this for recurring trigger finger. And I was not aware of any side effects. I have TF in all of my fingers and didn't want another surgery so I got the shot. I didn't eat for two days, and it was the WORST depression I've had in my life. My hand was numb, red, and purple afterwards and my finger was stuck like I had TF again. I didn't go to school because I couldn't stop crying for 2 days. I got the shot in January and need surgery on the same finger already, 4 months later. I will never get this again, ever... It would have been less pain and depression to get the surgery, which I've had 5 times and never had to take pain meds with or anything...
—Guest lauren

not bad at all!

The shot didn't hurt at all and the side effects are minimal - and I have had some bad reactions to oral cortisone in the past. Just a little flushing and feeling a bit loopy but no pain, nausea or irritability. I suggest people don't read too many horror stories and try for themselves if they think they could benefit. (Mine was in my hip joint)

Sleep Problems

Was not told of possible side effects. After lying awake for the second night in a row I decided to see if other people had experienced the same thing. So glad I found this site. I have restless leg syndrome anyway, but it's way worse now. I've experienced the facial flushing for the past two days too. The shot definitely took away the pain due to arthritis in my knee, but the sleep problems are very frustrating.
—Guest Bubba


I was told of the common side effects including "punched arm" soreness and the unlikely possibility of infection at the shot site. I have had trouble recovering from an A-C joint injury and the doc said reducing swelling should help with mobility and soreness. Four days after the shot my shoulder is feeling even more unstable and movements that hurt to do repetitively or with resistance before make my shoulder feel like it is dislocating all over again. The pain is intense and lasts a couple hours when I use my arm For swimming.
—Guest Randi

Eased Pain

I have had cortisone shots in both hips, both shoulders,knee and sacroiliac , happy to say I had no side effects, slept well, travelled seventeen hours on a plane , walked all over Edinburgh Scotland , I guess I am one of the lucky ones, being sixty five, with arthritis, I am happy to get about in no pain.
—Guest Happy

First shot

I just had my first cortisone shot today and I'm sore. I never wanted this shot. I have a torn rotator cuff and a messed up shoulder. I didn't see the needle and she reassured me that there were no side affects but after reading all these reviews I'm not sure if ill ever get another one and I am getting a second opinion before I do anything else!!!
—Guest Vic

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Did You Know About Possible Side-Effects of Cortisone?

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