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Readers Respond: Did You Know About Possible Side-Effects of Cortisone?

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Updated January 13, 2010

Flat feet

I have flat feet and I had a cortisone shot! The worst thing I ever did. The PAIN is worse and I lip everyday. It made my foot much worse. My doctor never told me about any side-effects! Donna B
—Guest Donna B

I felt crazy!

Thank you for all of your posts here. After my knee injection I began to have very odd symptoms: red flush face, severe anxiety, irritability, bad taste in my mouth, headaches! I thought menopause had hit me like a mac truck but my gut told me it had to be something else. After visiting this forum it made sense. last week I had an injection in my knee and these symptoms began a few days later. What confused me is the fact that I have had other injections in my shoulder and hip with no symptoms like these. It was not on my radar at all. I am convinced the injection is causing these miserable days and nights. My knee feels much better and I just hope things calm down asap!
—Guest Julie

I would have had the injection

Yes I did have the steriod injection despite knowing about the side affects. They are so minimal that I was willing to take the risk. The pain was so intense!
—Guest Isobel Green

Some side effects

This is the third time I have had cortisone shots. The first two times were in each wrist to reduce the swelling in my dorsal band ligaments. I felt extreme pain in one wrist as the doctor hit a nerve(!) then fainted from lightheaded and pain from the nerve. I have only fainted twice in my life and this was one of them. The most recent shot was for severe swelling from allergies, headaches and strep throat all at the same time. I felt lightheaded and flushed with a racing heartbeat. Neither time was I informed about side effects etc. Yea doctors do get paid to know certain things but in the end we are still responsible for what we put in and do to our bodies. Don't be afraid to ask questions, if they make you feel like an idiot - GO to another doctor who doesn't!
—Guest Amanda

side effect not mentioned

I have 2 seriously arthritic knees. I have had cortisone before but every time the reactions are different. I also have urinary incontinence and I have been having to rush to the bathroom almost every hour or I just let go. This is almost 24 hours. I would still have had the shot but this side effect is not mentioned anywhere.
—Guest Kriss

Inflammed jaw muscles

Received injections 10 days, immediately after severe pain from "cortisone flare".. That lasted for roughly 6 days.,. Followed with nervousness, anxiety, insomnia, headaches and blurred Vision Today "day 10 still have the dull headache & vision disturbance! I am a healthy 34 yr old who was also told there were no side effects! I believe the makers of the steroid don't tell the physicians all the possible side in effect......
—Guest Tammy

Second shot worked

I had been in terrible pain due to Dequervain's on my right thumb. The pain was really bad and I had a cortisone shot in November but it did not work. I had no relief whatsoever, as a matter of fact my pain kept getting worse and Doctor was suggesting surgery. I had also been doing the recommended stretches and icing religiously but nothing worked. I was not too thrilled about having surgery so I opted for getting a second opinion from a different Doctor and a second cortisone shot 3 months after the first one. I noticed that the injection was given further up than the first one, more towards my forearm. Doctor told me the injection site was very important. Aside from a little soreness, I felt tremendous relief. My pain was 90% gone by the second day and is getting better every day. Needless to say, I am very glad about my decision the give cortisone another try.
—Guest Laurie


Yes, I would have had and did have the injections (for tenosynovitis) and shots (for illness) knowing the possible side effects. Pain and illnesses have been bad enough that I thought the possible benefits outweighed the possible side effects.
—Guest Judy

guest donna

Had injection in heel for a week ago no side effects. But concerned that have more pain and now cannot walk. Limping and feel that it has made it worse. Not warned of any side effects.
—Guest donnaheads


Ive had shots twice in my lower back. I read up on the side effects and they dont tell u everything . I am on nexium for my stomach . The first shot helped the second did not do anything the only difference i found was that my stomach always feels sick, but that was not an issue in the reports i read on side effects. only on this site . Not sure if i am having another shot after reading these complaints but i will be having a good chat with my dr before i decide
—Guest kim

Not in our heads

I need to reply to those of you saying the symptoms are in our head. 3 hours after the injection I began feeling tight chest, nausea, dizziness, and a mega headache. I looked on here after I felt these symptoms. Not in search of them so I can make them up. I agree, the dr. Is totally responsible for keeping the patient completely aware of anything that may come up. Not only did this guy not warn me but he didn't even look st my medical history or medications I was in for possible contra-indications. Before I had a chance to say anything he had the needle and he was administering it. Some people have reactions, some don't. I can't wake up easily from anesthesia. Everyone's body is different. Don't judge
—Guest Patti

loved it

I had a cortisone shot yesterday in my hip. The needle was a breeze and my pain has decreased with no side effects except for a slight headache...so glad I finally bit the bullet. My dr didn't mention any negative side effects just that it might take a few days to work.
—Guest Sarah

shots are my best friend

9 shots later, 2 shoulder operations later, 3 years of frozen shoulders, tramadol, morphine etc etc. - I think u would have a shot again, always ask ur doctor if your unsure on effects. I have always had soreness for 48 hours after mine but give me 4 weeks to 12 weeks relieve. Defiantly worth it
—Guest 28 going on 82

frozen shoulder

over the last 20 years have had 2 injections in my elbow with no side effects and my elbow is still great,but , i have a frozen shoulder and had the needle at 10 a.m today. i am now typing this at 4 a.m. The pain in my arm is worse than before and at this moment in time i can not move the arm . the Dr stated i may have slight discomfort for a day after.This pain is worse than any i have had from the arm before
—Guest JIM


I just had one, i was not informed of the side effects had alittle flushing today but, no more than with a z-pak.. I hve suffered with my left shoulder for almost 5 years after a bout with Calcific tendonitis, I would do it again my shoulder has no pain. I guess it depends on your level of pain, if it is Severe I would do it, if its just off and on and moderate or less I would avoid it JMO
—Guest Sam

Would You Have Had a Shot

Did You Know About Possible Side-Effects of Cortisone?

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