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Readers Respond: Did You Know About Possible Side-Effects of Cortisone?

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Updated January 13, 2010

Huge Dent In My Hip

I got a costisone shot last year for a so-called allergic reaction. The allergic reaction was misdiagnosed. It was very painful and left bruising. The bruise turned into a indented bruise and it won't go away. It is about 1.5 inches wide and 2inches tall. Very ugly! Definitely wouldn't have gotten the shot had I known this could happen.
—Guest Taylor

just had shots in hands

I had a shot in my palm and in my thumb on other hand for tendonitis. He did not tell me about side effects. Sounds scarey. Will repost if things go awry because has only been 6 hours. Some pain spreading up to elbows but not too bad.

Painful in the extreme but WORTH IT

I've had two cortisone injections in my right hip in the past year or so. The first was not that big of a deal - it's a shot, it hurts, but local anesthetics helped. The big part of the pain was removing the cortisone needle at the end. I have severe osteoarthritis. I didn't get my second shot until the pain was pretty bad again, and needed too many painkillers. My second procedure was horrific. They couldn't seem to get the needle positioned right and had to keep removing and reinserting it - and no amount of local anesthetic helped. The pain was really awful. Not doing that again without Valium or something. That being said - it IS worth it. The cortisone injection is actually missed with a numbing agent, such that immediately after the procedure there is little pain. This slowly disappears over a few days, and you seem to go down hill until the cortisone takes effect - and I can say that I feel even better after this shot than the first. No other side effects.
—Guest Jack

Cortisone shot

I was not informed of side affects when I had a shot in my shoulder/arm joint. It was extremely painful to get! My arm has been different since the shot 10 years ago. It stays as cold summer or winter as if I had been standing outside in the snow wearing a sleeveless shirt. Very annoying, often numb and painfully cold.
—Guest rnWahl

No problems

Had a cortisone shot 3 days ago in knee. First one I've ever had. Didn't hurt at all, just a pin prick. No problems so far, except my face is flushed. Had no idea why until I read this article. At least I know why, and I can tolerate that for now. Seems to have helped, will monitor that area and see.
—Guest Jane

Didnt get told anything

My doc said it may help it may not, didn't explain anything else but after 6 years of shoulder pain at the age of 26 I'll try anything. Nearly fainted after & don't feel very well yet, pain down my arm now. But hoping it will help in next few days. I'll try anything & am grateful docs will try to relieve pain until MRI. Glad to know side effects are common, as wasn't told id feel unwell & sore after.
—Guest Lyni

Shoulder pain

I got my shot for my shoulder yesterday 11-28-12 and still have shoulder pain really badly and my doctor didn't tell me the side effects but other then pain I don't have any
—Guest Scoob

Cortisone Shot

I've had many cortisone shots in both my Knees and they have really worked well for me. The only side-effects I have had is some flushing and a bit of an headache but I have been getting these shots for a few years and it has helped me put of having knee replacements, I would recommend them to anybody who asked me.
—Guest Susan

It helped me

I had a shot in my knee and what a positive experience I have had. I wasn't sleeping well and in constant pain prior to the shot after the shot I was ready to run in a marathon. I got my life back, Thank you Doc.
—Guest Doug

Cortisone Shot - Worth it

I have osteoarthritis in my ankle due to an old injury. I don't have too much cartilage left and the ankle often locks up very painfully. I started receiving cortisone shots about a year ago. I get one every 4-6 months. The shot itself is uncomfortable but not the worst. The after effects are really worth it. I keep my ankle "at rest" for about 3 wks and then resume normal activity. This shot is keeping me from having surgery to fuse my leg to my foot w/o ankle joint and keep my flexibility as long as I can. I have had not side effects from the shot.
—Guest Bluemorgan

Was told about side effects

I had my 1st shot yesterday was not anymore painful then the pain I was in nothing yet, but hopeful. Dr. told me about side effects and her personal experience totally trust her judgment on this. Hope I get some relief allergic to pain meds, and don't want surgery.
—Guest Linda S.

Patient Responsibility

Did anyone with the negative reactions inform your doctor(s) of other medications you are taking? Sometimes a reaction is not necessarily to the drug but to mixing the drugs. If I am receiving something I specifically ask the doctor about the interaction with drug "xyz". There have been times where the doctor has changed his mind and given something else because of the risk of interaction.
—Guest Teresa M


yes i knew the side effects of a cortisone shot, but still have never experienced this before. i have more pain and swelling in my joints than when i got the shot 4 days ago. i had told my dr. never again would i get the shot in my joint, so when be said 1 in the hip for all over i thought that might be ok...wrong...never again! not to mention the lump in my hip where the injection took place. been sitting on ice for 4 days. seems like most drs. think a steriod is a cure all. well i won't let this happen again. next time when i say no i will mean no!

wasn't told of side effects

I had a shot in my elbow for tendon damage. I was not told of the side effects it could cause. I have been spotting (period) for a month now. A day after the shot I got a sharp pain in my hand like a piece of glass is stuck in it and that has not gone away. I get headaches and had felt sick to my stomach. How can doctors get away without having to go through all of the things that can happen with these injections. I would never do it again.
—Guest neveragain

Cortisone Shot

I had a very good doc that was very informative concerning the drug. I had a shot directly in the knee felt no pain at all 14 hrs later still pain free and my knee is starting to feel better. I have no problem doing this again.

Would You Have Had a Shot

Did You Know About Possible Side-Effects of Cortisone?

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