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Readers Respond: Did You Know About Possible Side-Effects of Cortisone?

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Updated January 13, 2010

Never told of side effects

Was never told of the side effects but the shot was my choice. I had the shot 21 hours ago with no side effects except pain in the knee which lasted overnight. My knee is starting to feel better already . The needle was long but done with expertise and no pain at all. Not sure if it'll work but I think it already is.
—Guest darren

Side effects

My doctor didn't inform me about cortisone flare, all he and his assistant talked about were the benefits of the cortisone shot. After taking the shot in both knees for my osteoarthritis I went to work. Imagine my horror and surprise, when an hour after I arrived at work I started having intense pain in both knees and could hardly walk. I called my Doctor and was told to put ice packs on both knees and take ibuprofen. If he had told me about this in the office I would've went home immediately after I'd received the shots or at least rescheduled when I had some time off to deal with this. It is the second day and I still am in pain, and now I find out it could last from 24 to 48 hours after taking the shots.

Yes, I would have had the shot

The doctor told me about the side effects. I did experience the "flare", but 3 days out it does seem to have brought the swelling and pain down somewhat. Hoping it continues to work...

NO! Ruptured tendon 5 surgeries!

There was no discussion when I received a cortisone shot for a trigger finger. Two weeks later,to his credit when I was unable to bend my long finger, the doctor told be that I had a ruptured tendon ( a side effect of the cortisone shot he had given me. ) Thus began a 18 month period of unsuccessful surgeries to repair and replace the tendon. I now have a deformed hand with 150+ stitches that will never function properly.
—Guest chapentr

Would I have known

My doctor never made me aware of any side effects after ordering a cortisone injection into my foot. Why do doctors not tell you of these side effects and then let us make the decision whether to take the risk or live with the pain? I'd rather live with the pain.
—Guest Trudy

No More Cortisone Shots for me!!!

My doctor told me the only side effect was that some people may expperience more pain at first. I had a cortisone injection for my shoulder and had facial flush ever since. (Going on day 5) Not only that but my blood pressure is up. I usually run 90/60 and two days later I was 160/82! I was leary about getting the shot and now I know I will never get another. And the pain in my shoulder, exactly the same. I should have known better.
—Guest Joyce

Not Informed

I had a cortisone shot about 5 hours ago for 'tennis elbow'. I wasn't told of any of the side effects and I haven't experienced any of them either. But if I'd been told of the side effects, I probably would've skipped the shot and given exercises and Aleve more time to work. Doctors need to tell patients the risks and complications so patients can make an informed decision.
—Guest cathy

worked wonders for me

I had severe neck pain suffered for years and finally went to spine and nerve clinic. was told all the side effects went to the physical therapist there told me how important the exercise was. Had a series of three sets of shots with no side effects and am pain free. I sure hope it last a long time. first time I have been able to turn my head pain free in years.
—Guest corliss

Good relief for sciatica

I've had lumbar cortisone injections every 4 months for the past 3 years. Mostly great results with no side-effects. Pain of injection has varied based on skill and patience of the doctor. Enough lidocaine to numb the deep tissues prevents pain. With this, the shot can be very painful for a few seconds. But, as others have said, it is well worth it... if the shot works. Months of pain-free living. Color returns to the world for me. Cortisone in the spine may have less side-effects if it is placed well because there is little circulation there and cortisone doesn't go to other parts of the body. There was minimal disclosure about side-effects from the doctor, only the possibility of local pain or infection.
—Guest Ken Woolfe

no further shots

In all the years I have had cortisone shots no one has ever mentioned side effects. The shots have always given relief with no side effects until this past treatment. I had two shots, one for my knee and another for my elbow. The pain in those joints subsided within 24 hours but I have been dizzy and lightheaded since. Additionally, I am very weak and have been sleeping 14 to 16 hours a day. A trip to the emergency room and several tests disclosed nothing wrong but certainly something is going on. I've now found blogs disclosing these types of symptoms. I may never have another cortisone shot.
—Guest Judy

my foot is ruined

i had multiple cortisone injections in my right foot before having surgery for hammertoes. my podiatrist never warned me of the risks associated with cortisone. a year and a half later, i now have permanent fat atrophy that showed up several months later and is causing constant nerve pain. i went from being very active (sprint walking, light jogging and aerobic dance) to having to limit activities according to foot pain, which is very severe and often. the treatment given by this podiatrist is causing more pain that my initial foot problem that i went to him for (hammertoe). since then 2 orthopedists have told me they would not have given injections in my foot and the only solution now is managing the pain. one of the orthopedists also said "podiatrists love to give cortisone injections, it is how they make money." i am posting this as a warning for others to make sure their podiatrists do not ruin their feet. the only consolation is this is the top of my foot and not the pad.

Will not take another shot

I had two cortisone shots, one in my knee and one in my shoulder. Although the pain is better (almost gone) the side effects have made me feel terrible for about a week - headache, flushing, did not sleep for three nights, nausea, body aches. I'm not sure the side effects are worth getting another shot. I was not told about the side effects but I should have known better since I have taken steroid shots for asthma in the past and have had the same side effects. I was told to exercise my shoulder but not my knee. I just hope the pain stays away so it won't be necessary to think about getting more shots.
—Guest Judy K

Never again

Side effect of bleeding vaginally after both times that I had the cortisone shot to my left knee. Doctor said never heard of this and is requiring me to get a vaginal sonagram to rule other health problems. The slight headache, the flushing, the renewed hot flashes are all tolerable but the bleeding was worse the second time and I will never do it again. I am 62 years old so a return to "periods" is not acceptable.
—Guest Rita

shoulder shot

I have had 3 injections in my shoulder in the past year. Was not told of any side affects ,and havent had any. The pain in my shoulder has completly gone each time only returning when the jab has run out. Have had no doubt that this was the right choice for me but then everyone is different and its not suitable for everyone.
—Guest westie

wow!! I hope it gets better

I just had a shot in each heal for spurs, wow the pain is unbelievable. The dr told me about the side effects and told me too rest, the one side effect he forgot to tell me was the hot flashes and red face!! I have another apt. in two weeks, i dont know if i am going to do this again..it really really really HURTS !!!
—Guest michelle tb

Would You Have Had a Shot

Did You Know About Possible Side-Effects of Cortisone?

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