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Readers Respond: Did You Know About Possible Side-Effects of Cortisone?

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Updated January 13, 2010

Cortisone Injection

I would not have had the injection if my Doctor had explained the side effects.
—Guest Eugene

reply to "shots didnt work"

After reading many many replies that state "its been four days and it didnt work" etc..I just posted regarding my finger. It did feel worse for a while, and it did take several days or two weeks, but it did eventually get better. Give it more time to work. I suffered for two years before the shot, but was pain free after a couple weeks.
—Guest guest123

cortisone injection

I had the injection in my finger joint. It was extremely painful, almost intolerable, but after a couple weeks the original pain was gone. I would do it again if the pain got bad enough.
—Guest guest123

Yes, I'd still have had the shot

Had shot yesterday for attempt to avert meniscus surgery to left knee upon which I had ACL and meniscus surgery 14 years ago, but cartilage has become shredded. Also have osteoarthritis and bone spurs. Being T2 diabetic, when I checked my BS this morning, I was astounded to have higher BS than I've had in years! After doing some research found this site which now explains why. My prominent and respected orthopod never told me the side effects. Don't appear to have any other ones, so I'd have this injection again, but sure would have been nice to know what I might be suffering in the aftermath. I have to wait five weeks for a followup. One day out, I proclaim I'd have it injection again if offered. Note to self: always ask about side effects!
—Guest Guest JC

Cortisone Shot

I knew of the possible side affects prior to receiving the shot. I still had the shot and would do it again because the relief was worth it.
—Guest Cortisone Friendly


I still would have had the shot in the hip joint, no pain after 10 months! It would have been nice to know a sleepless night was a possible side effect.
—Guest Luke

Left knee - diabetic

I had my shot last week and I haven't felt right ever since. No I wasn't told about the possible side effects either. Will not take the shot again!
—Guest Myrna

Frozen shoulder

My Doctor offered me a cortizone shot to relief pain and after I ask him about side efects, he told me all about it. I decided not to have that treatment and opted for home exercing and lets see what happen.
—Guest Hernando Restrepo

Results of Injection

I recently had my fourth injection to my right knee which didn't seem too bad at the time but by the next morning I had such a terrible headache, flushing of the face and my sugar went sky high. The only thing the doctor mentioned was there could be an inflammation. He did not tell my of the three other effects that I found extremely uncomfortable (especially the headache).
—Guest Diane

Yes- such a relief

I had a shot 5 days ago. I was informed of the "cortisone flare". I am so happy- after 5 months of pain in my hip, it is totally gone. I can finally sleep in a bed.
—Guest Aunt Viv

Rubber Foot

Had two cortisone shots in the nerves of each foot for Morton's neuroma. I believe I'm experiencing "cortisone flare". My podiatrist offered no information about the drug or side-effects. When I expressed how stressed and anxious I was about the procedure, he handed me a rubber foot to squeeze during the injections.
—Guest Lark

not informed. i even asked first!

i had my first injection today into the base of my thumb for a painful trigger thumb. not only did the doctor NOT cleanse my skin or use iodine and i just read how vital that is to reduce infection risk (great) and i specifically asked him what the side effects were and he just repeated the word side effects to me and shrugged and mumbled and then gave me what was almost the most painful injection of my life (worst was my bone marrow biopsy 15 years ago) so now i am terrified of this potential 'flare up' i was not told about and will worry about infection after reading here... wishes ignorance was really bliss ;)
—Guest stacey

Not Informed

I have had steroid shots in my neck, wrist, heel, toe, and my knee before. But, yesterday I had both my knees injected and I was in incredible pain for 24hrs. The Dr. assumed I was experienced with shots and did not tell me about any side effects. I have never been told about these side effects.

Not aware of side effects

Had acl reconstruction 8 months ago. Have been going to p.t. and the gym and can hardly walk at days end. Received injection yesterday but not warned of side effects. Little sleep, slight headache but already pain free. Worth the side effects. What little sleep i got was so comfortable after months of pain. Hoping for a full nights sleep in the next few days
—Guest Dominique

Would you have had a shot

No, especially if I had known if I could have had a very adverse reaction that I had to my knee joint.
—Guest John Campbell
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