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Readers Respond: Did You Know About Possible Side-Effects of Cortisone?

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Updated January 13, 2010

Felt Tricked

I am upset. My doctor informed me that if a cortisone shot helped, I would be a candidate for surgery. I was told about no possible side-effects. I feel like I was tricked into having this shot.
—Guest alice

Wish I Had Known...

I had a shot in my knee to try to reduce the pain prior to knee replacement. About 7 hours after I felt my face flush and my heart race. Wish I would have known about the side effects so that I could have been prepared.
—Guest Bonnie Barker

I Was Told, But Still Concerned

I received the cortisone shot on the side of my wrist. This was my 3rd shot, but this doctor was the first that explained the possible change in my skin pigment. I actually thought it would just be in the spot of injection, however it is covering about a large space on the side of my wrist. The lost of pain was immediate and I do not regret the shot, I just didn't know that the color change would be so drastic.
—Guest Val

I would never have had the shots.

Absolutely not. All hell broke loose in my body after receiving two cortisone shots for carpal tunnel. I would NEVER have had those shots if i knew this could happen.
—Guest Eleanor

Not Told About Skin Problem

I was not told of the possible side effects of a cortisone shot into my elbow...otherwise I would have opted not to have the shot. Now I have a circle of light skin where the pigment is gone.
—Guest clschneider

Was Warned, But No Relief

I'd just had my 2nd shot in 6 months and the doctor was informative. He warned me of the side-effects, including steroid flare. I was in such pain and desperate for relief. I will never have another shot again; I need to find alternative relief. The 2nd shot made very little difference to the pain.
—Guest Yolande Ruiters


I had a steroid shot yesterday for an inflammation in my shoulder. Today I have a flushed face-like a heavy drinker. No-one warned me about the side effects of the injection.
—Guest brenda yavry


My doctor explained all the risks/side effects listed here, as well as the potential benefits. At this writing, I got the shot in my right knee joint about 12 hours ago. Other than some injection site pain and increased feeling of 'stiffness', nothing remarkable in terms of symptoms. Remains to be seen if I benefit from it.
—Guest DaveInMinneapolis

Had Cortisone In Both Knees

I will have to get my knees replaced and plan to do so in March, however, the shot did wonders for my knees. However, I am still experiencing face flushing, excessive sweating of my head and neck, tend to start to lose my voice in the afternoons and my hearing sometimes sounds "tin" like. Would I get the shots again? You bet! So much depends on your knees and when they don't function, you realize how your mobility is decreased, lifting and pulling cease, going up and down stairs are almost impossible and sitting or standing for long periods cause excessive fatigue. I can handle these side effects just fine, thank you!!
—Guest Joyce Hanselman

Yes - the shot is brilliant

Had de quervain's tenosynovitis after baby....right hand sore as hell! Had shot today and already feeling MUCH better - esp with the local anesthetic that went in with it - magic! Also - unlike what others say onsite, my shot felt same as a "normal" shot - no excessive pain!
—Guest G

More Pain Than Expected

The shot hurt terribly when it was given to me. The next few days the bursa pain was gone but the shot pain made my whole thigh hurt! The lack of bursa pain lasted about 2 weeks, but now it's back. Going to the doctor to see what's next...
—Guest Shirley

I Wish It Could Last Forever

I knew very little about the shot before I was injected. I was in so much pain I wanted to cut my arm off. For the firt time in 12 years I feel pain free. I can sleep at night and I am not giving myself a constant massage. I see the doctor tomorrow to tell him how I feel--super!!!!
—Guest Claudia


This shot in to my heel was utterly painful. I just got it so I don't know if it will work. If it does, I would say the pain is worth it.
—Guest Usha


I have never been in so much pain before! I just had the shot done yesterday and I cannot even walk on the foot today. I think I would prefer to live with the pain than to do this again.
—Guest Christy

More Painful Than Expected

I had the injection yesterday. It was so painful when he put the needle into the side of my wrist. I thought I knew what to expect as I've had steroid injections in my hands before, but this was worse. My wrist has swollen and I can't move my arm without being in pain. I'm hoping the pain is worth it even if I can get a few months of pain relief and usage of my wrist. I've had ice packs on my wrist since the injection, and that has made a big difference.
—Guest Sharon

Would You Have Had a Shot

Did You Know About Possible Side-Effects of Cortisone?

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